Sarah Hyland on Dealing with Chronic Health Issues and Suicidal Thoughts

Published on January 13, 2019

Actress Sarah Hyland sat down with Ellen, and divulged what it’s been like dealing with a slew of health issues, including endometriosis and gout, for the past few years. The 28-year-old discussed her two kidney transplants, dealing with depression, working through pain while filming “Modern Family,” and shared what helped her get over her suicidal thoughts.


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  • Chris Smith 2 years ago

    Glad shes still with us.

  • Matea Tanliya 2 years ago

    love the way she put things into words. she’s still struggling until this day and it shows how much of a strong person she is.

  • Sara Sleightholm 2 years ago

    She is so beautifully incredible

  • gta online 2 years ago


  • Luis diaz 2 years ago

    I’d smash

  • Gray Catbird 2 years ago

    This hit close to home. I recognize the struggle, trying to seek help, to talk about it, but also seeing you’re the only one that can enact change…

    She is right to say that every experience is personal though. For some hearing that only them can save themselves is empowering. But for me more often than not it makes me feel worse, since depression makes me see myself as worthless, and so it doesn’t make me want to live or fight. And it makes me feel like it’s wrong to talk about it since it’s my own business.

  • Dog Chaser 2 years ago

    Is this the hot girl from modern family lol

  • Mrvpk6 2 years ago

    Wow! who’s here before 1 million?! it’s trending #9

  • b00mcl4p 2 years ago

    i can’t believe she was on dialysis while acting plus more like… could not do that

  • Lupita Dulce 2 years ago

    Ellen, I was really impressed by the way you allowed Sarah to talk about her illnesses, especially depression/suicide. You didn’t hurry her along like it seems other talk show host do. Mental health awarness is so important. Props to you Ellen!

  • Hilary Brintnall 2 years ago


  • Aria Roman 2 years ago

    Nina dobrev or Paul Wesley next please I would love them on the show

  • Tito Tim's Videos 2 years ago

    I am glad to hear her say she helped herself out of it. I went through health/depression/suicidal thoughts (while being a single father) and the strength you need is inside you. We have companions on our journey but ultimately we are on our own. Friends & family help, but can only do so much. Imaginary friends (all the myths of god) cannot help at all. I found the inner strength and made huge improvements in my life, got through my depression, and am no longer suicidal – I made it to edge of a skyscraper roof, and found the inner strength to back down safely.

  • Christopher Lewis 2 years ago

    She has really been brave and strong. I love her.

  • Idiot head 2 years ago

    There’s something so insincere about this, not on Sarah’s part but in general. Can’t put my finger on it

  • Karen Ann 2 years ago

    She is an inspiration!

  • Raheema Javid 2 years ago

    I relate to this so much. ♡

  • Kennedy 2 years ago

    Love this. More real content please ?

  • Lou Bolton 2 years ago

    I hope she knows how many live’s she will save by sharing her story!!!!!! so happy she found the right help and thank god for her friend!!!!

  • Alyssa Novella 2 years ago

    What do you do if you don’t feel like you can say it out loud? I don’t want anyone to know.


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