Samuel L. Jackson on Yacht Vacations with Magic Johnson, Trash Talking Steve Kerr & New Marvel Show

Published on June 14, 2022

Samuel talks about guest hosting Kimmel in 2020, his travel with Magic Johnson, going to Magic’s wife Cookie’s birthday party in France with Anthony Anderson, inviting Jimmy to go on the boat that he rents for his daughter, talking to Michael Jordan at NBA Finals games in the 90’s with Spike Lee, trash talking Steve Kerr, tattling on Reggie Miller for throwing gum at a referee, playing a character with dementia in his new Apple TV+ show “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey,” and reprising his role as Nick Fury in “Secret Invasion” and The Marvels. #GameNight #NBAFinals

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  • Janae Nae13 1 year ago

    Sweet sweet sweet boy you jim!!!

  • Spear 327 1 year ago

    Nobody can convey bad language like Samuel Jackson can. He can put fear in you with his words. Great actor

  • Malhon Dize 1 year ago

    nothing against sam jackson, but i love how hollywood and kimmel talk climate, and green . they love their private jets and yachts . do as i say not as i do. sounds about right for these tools

  • Jacqueline Fox 1 year ago

    I named my son after him. The coolest guy. X

  • Doc Skate 1 year ago

    Jimmy is just too white to be on the boat.
    Nobody wants to say it.
    Except me.
    Fair deal.

  • Molly Jolly 1 year ago

    Kanika has a beautiful baby

  • aaron johnson 1 year ago

    Awesome interview, Jimmy

  • williamjktkd 1 year ago

    you can feel the chill in the air when he talks about feeling he is getting Alzheimer’s.

  • Martin Karlsson 1 year ago

    How is Sam 73 years old!?

  • popcrnshower 1 year ago

    Sam Jackson’s fit looks so damn comfortable.

  • SIDDHARTH BHADULA 1 year ago

    Samuel .L.Jackson will look the same in 3022 also!!

  • F R A N K I E --C0me 0ver L!ve 1 year ago

    Sam is a gem ! Only a couple actors exist , even if they are not the lead or 2nd. If I see the name on the cast I will absolutely be compelled to watch. And its usually a great way to end the night.


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