Sam Morril – “Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow” | The Daily Show



  • Kristopher Hart 1 year ago

    Sam’s the most human, human I know.

  • Alwa Gordon 1 year ago

    This is big

  • 123fakerstreet 1 year ago

    I found him through his pandemic rooftop special

  • Mmm Burritos 1 year ago

    High praise: he’s the next Dave Attell.

  • Steve Cowgill 1 year ago

    One of the best joke writers in the comedy game right now. Love seeing him blowing up like this. Well deserved.

  • Allagí 1 year ago

    It is so great to see Sam Morrill get the recognition he deserves, along with his contemporaries Mark Normand and Joe List. Those guys came up together and all of them have had to fight and claw just to get some attention, all putting out their own specials, doing all the work themselves. It’s not an overnight success, it’s going on 15-20 years of grinding it out. FINALLY all three are getting attention and you love to see it!

  • Quill OFarrell 1 year ago

    sam is the funniest guy. so happy to se hes making it big

  • Fonzie skate & surf 1 year ago

    I never heard of him but I’ll have a look now

  • Karan Gera 1 year ago

    Look at Sam going mainstream, I tell ya!

  • Ravi 12 1 year ago

    Sam morril forever!

  • neosapiens 1 year ago

    Clooney Jr.?

  • Tim Li 1 year ago

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  • JorgeCostanza 1 year ago

    Sam Morrill is a true joke smith; one of the best comics working.
    I was waiting for the Bodega Cat plug!

  • Hugo Nongbri 1 year ago

    So happy for Sam!! Totally deserves the recognition !!
    I hope Trevor gets Normand and Gillis on next !!


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