Sam Jay’s Family Thought She Would Become a Lawyer

Published on May 19, 2021

Sam Jay talks about the party debate atmosphere of her show Pause, returning to stand-up comedy and having her comedy judged by Emmanuel Lewis.

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  • SonicTony Vasquez 8 months ago

    Loud black woman not funny.

  • Matt Parsa 8 months ago

    I love her voice .

  • Erin ! 8 months ago

    Sam Jay is the best!

  • kdhymes 8 months ago

    Not sure about the concept having legs, but it seems like a great way to shake up the talk show genre. Like all panel based talk things (see the endless parade of british stuff where everyone goes at it, or blecch the view and bill maher and such), this will probably not favor the smaller, more discursive voices… but maybe the pacing and dynamic will be surprising and leave room for that. I hope so, because honestly the clip feels like a party i would hang out at, catch a buzz and a couple laughs, and then go home early. Some people love overlapping, competing voices, and it is obviously a vital part of human life, but others prefer a slower, measured vibe. Plenty of room for both I would think, hope the show gets time to develop a following and a known voice, about time people were trying different stuff there.

  • PhoebeFay RuthLouise 8 months ago

    I love her!

  • isimplifi 8 months ago

    Sam I’ll argue with you any time!!! You’re the best.

  • Talkies 8 months ago

    I love Sam’s fit 😍 and the eyes comment at the end was hilarious

  • New Message 8 months ago

    wow.. I forgot Emanuel Lewis existed! Good to hear he’s doin’ ok.

  • Dan McAleer 8 months ago

    Message to Seth, or to whomever is paid to go through the comments. Seth, I have a complaint and it is a professional issue. In this interview, and so many others, even just when reading the news prompts you have an extreme habit of using “ahhhs” and “ummms” and other sounds that interrupt your attempts to talk. You brain is going about 5 times faster than your mouth so you need to put those “hold” words interspersed to slow down the brain or, more likely, to sift quickly through the 5 or 6 options your brain gives you, and chooses the option you want. It is annoying in the extreme. As a former executive of a rather large company, one of the first seminars I attended was about speaking in slow cadence that gives YOUR brain a chance to figure out what words you will use, thereby giving your speech or talk a chance to come out in a flowing manner. The slower cadence also gives your AUDIENCE the time they need to hear and evaluate what you have said. It is much more progessional and seriously the AHHHH…..UMMMMM….GRUNT…..etc. are so damned annoying I cannot believe the executives of the company you work for have not “encouraged” you to learn how to speak in public properly. And when I first found out you were the head writer for SNL for a number of years I was shocked. All I could say was “Thank God he wasn’t part of the cast who created and acted as the characters. Then that too sadly was also found to be untrue. Perhaps it is too late for you to change now so maybe they are looking for some bright young comedian to come in as a replacement when your contract next expires. You might expect to start negotiating except no one in the executive level will return your calls. Well, I would recommend that you NOT stand on your past success(?) and work on improvements to make you a better speaker and comedian overall. I strongly hope you end up won’t celebrating the anniversary of your first show AND your last show. Your choice buddy…you have pretty good content but your speaking cadence is amatuer at best and I wish you would recognize that those noises you insert are almost like a juvenile child when he gets caught doing something wrong. Good luck with that.

  • Angela Carlock 8 months ago

    I would work for her


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