Sam Bee’s Not-Solved Mysteriez: UFOs

Published on September 9, 2021

Sam once again dons her trench coat to take one small step for man and one giant leap for a late night television host with an “Unsolved Mysteries” obsession. That’s right…she’s trying to figure out WTF is up with UFOs!

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  • Angel Santos 2 weeks ago

    Sarah is fine

  • Mike T 2 weeks ago

    Perfect….oh piece of candy, so we were talking about…..oh piece of candy oh more candie. Might have to get back to this later. I have candie to look for. Bait and switch. Mmmmmm candie

  • Epi..mű 2 weeks ago

    Wait a minute ? ? There’s Aliens !,. ssshhh they might not take too kindly to you “taking the Michael” ! Sam, keep an 👁️ on the sky 🌌.and they might watch *YouTube* ooops
    Sssshh, 🕴🏽🕴🏽,. A concerned WATCHER, from central Sahara👈🏻 !,! P.s.Not Scotland ✌🏻

  • Donald MacKay 2 weeks ago

    It already exists. It’s called SETI – search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Bunch of astronomers doing space stuff with telescopes and the whole nine.

  • Sreejoni Roy 2 weeks ago

    I’m so happy you’re back!

  • Doctrine Ridge 2 weeks ago

    if only the government could clean bugs off cameras.

  • boeingdriver29 2 weeks ago

    Operation Bluebeam ?

  • Kevin B 2 weeks ago

    Looking at humanity and our many flaws, we are likely considered dangerous, impulsive and not worth the risk to try and meet face-to-face.

  • Ashley Onstott 2 weeks ago

    “The first few days of July”

    You don’t say…

  • Swannonymous 2 weeks ago

    Alien’s probably exist though as we are now we’re probably too underdeveloped a civilization for them to acknowledge our existence.

  • supershinigami1 2 weeks ago

    What’s this nanu nanu about?

  • Christian T 2 weeks ago

    People forget that this is not a new phenomenon.. Been recorded for 100+ years. Don’t tell me that the Foo Figthers during WW2 was ours. If so we have had something similar to free energy for almost 100 years.. It’s time to wake up and see through all their BS ✌️👽🛸

  • Martin Bruhn 2 weeks ago

    I present you my newest conspiracy theory: All the evidences for aliens are fake, the government just sprinkles enough in, that looks kind of like maybe aliens, or a smudge on the camera lense, or something else. All that to keep the conspiracy maniacs busy with an obsession, that is harmless, and not with things, that motivate people to commit murders, or overthrow democracy and install an idiot dictatorship, an idiocracy.

  • João Nunes 2 weeks ago

    Probabilities are they do, but the probabilities they have come to earth…are low…very low

  • Avid Hossan Mansur Mansur 2 weeks ago

    UFOs are real, All the world leaders are lizard men who drink the blood of vaccinated people, and I have a Yeti locked up in my basement who plays Among Us all day long and never pays rent. They must think we are all 4-year-olds.

    Oh! wait the last one might be true.🥶

  • Sleekoduck 2 weeks ago

    But… but… the moth wings on the camera lenses prove they’re real! 😭👽

  • Tulpen23 2 weeks ago

    I appreciated those graphics so much 😍

  • Troy Ozarowicz 2 weeks ago

    An out of the way planet, in a very small star cluster, surrounded by lots of empty on the edge of a galaxy in a small cluster of galaxies… like deciding to visit Gothenburg, Nebraska.
    Humans visit remote places for reasons, so sure. An ET decides it’s going to come to study the lichen clinging to this rock. No need to hide, we’re not really sentient anyway compared to an ET’s perspective. The idea of “1st contact” is ludicrous. We wouldn’t recognize alien life if it shook our hand because it wouldn’t be like anything we’ve seen before. Maybe the UFO’s aren’t an alien’s ship, but the alien itself? A metallic based life that lives for millennia and sees Earth as just one more grain of sand in the cosmos and is doing their form of geology.
    Jeez, humans can be so self-important.

  • nigel cairns 2 weeks ago

    Why haven’t they found god? Is he hiding behind an asteroid?


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