Sally Field Says There Was No LSD Involved In “The Flying Nun”

Published on November 30, 2022

Sally Field’s return to The Late Show kicks off with a look back at the 1960s when she was busy acting, not dropping acid. Stick around for another segment with Sally Field and check out her new film, “Spoiler Alert,” in select theaters this Friday and nationwide December 9th. #Colbert #SpoilerAlert #SpoilerAlertMovie #SallyField


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  • Matt Pierard 6 months ago

    Just looks great for her age, and loved her since Maybe I’ll Come Home In The Spring, which I remember seeing when it first aired in 1970. It’s probably here on YouTube, as it’s slipped into the public domain; worth watching for it’s look at post-hippie era versus Cali suburban life. Eleanor Parker plays her mom; they did another TV movie together where they played sisters, ironically, just a few years later.

  • Greg Miller 6 months ago

    she’s still purdy!

  • Laurel Robbins 6 months ago

    Sally Field is one of my favorite actors, and she looks terrific!

  • Ken foru 6 months ago

    Places in The Heart… me her best.

  • Sharonmxg 6 months ago

    I was born in 1966 and I remember watching The Flying Nun in syndication. Possibly one of my earliest memories in life.

  • JerJer B 6 months ago

    There was no LSD involved but they’re certainly was a painkiller addiction! Sally Field was extremely rude to voice actress April Winchell back in the 1960s when April’s dad introduced her to Sally.

  • Ann Cata 6 months ago

    Sally Field is one in a million!!

  • Bernard Walden 6 months ago

    Sally dye ur hair, please

  • Donald K 6 months ago

    Sally Field is one of the greatest actors of all time.

  • Sara Gracie 6 months ago

    Wait a min is Sally Married and isn’t your wife at least a bit jealous?

  • Eddie Cordova 6 months ago

    I love Sally Field in Gidget I love her now and all that she does she is such a great actor

  • Ellen Spear 6 months ago

    I once had a moment of remembering The Flying Nun and thinking to myself, was that a real tv show? Trippy.

  • Timothy Burke 6 months ago

    She has to be 80 and still hot AF.

  • KarlaElaine100 6 months ago

    Sally Field is so talented! She has ages gracefully and is still beautiful! No fish lips, cheek implants nor multiple facelifts.


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