Sales Triple At Foggy Pine Books After Receiving The Colbert Small Biz Bump

Published on March 10, 2021

The “Colbert Bump” is real! Just ask the owner of Foggy Pine Books in Boone, North Carolina, who enjoyed a huge surge in sales after being featured on our Super Bowl special. Now Stephen needs your help to find and support other small businesses that have struggled during the pandemic. Your post and your favorite small biz may be featured on A Late Show! Remember to include the name and location of the business, and tell us a little about why it could use some help. For more information visit #Colbert #ColbertSmallBizBump #SmallBizBump

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  • mark fairbanks 3 years ago

    A friend of mine wants to know: would you give a small business bump to a small town crack dealer just trying to revitalized an old favorite. He’s even willing to give everyone a sample for free. Again, asking for a friend.

  • Scott Butler 3 years ago

    Hell yea!

  • Colonel Angus 3 years ago

    Foggy Pine rocks!
    So does Mr Colbert!..
    -i bought the “Whose Boat Is This Boat?” book A few years back, because it was a very well-written book….
    -The BEST well written book.. -ALOT OF PEOPLE were saying that there wasn’t an other better, more well written book.
    so i took their advice and got it.
    Turned out, it was rather sad.
    (-But also, it was good to know that all of the proceeds went to the victims of Hurricane Florence in NC)

  • Walter D. Petrovic 3 years ago

    Would you ever consider giving a bump to an independent author, or artist, of some sort?

  • The Jersey Crafter 3 years ago

    Woo. Hoo this is awesome. I love her name…Ruthless. I love book stores, this is fabulous!

  • Real Horrorshow 3 years ago

    Tom Hanks confirms his “nicest guy in America” credentials.

  • Space Force Commander, General ‘Stabled Genius' : 3 years ago

    The bookstore owner is Ruthless! (She sold out of Ruth)

  • Meerah 3 years ago

    This made me so happy!

  • R Kaiser 3 years ago

    Great idea Colbert. Love it.!

  • russell 3 years ago

    I need a mom and pop! Please send me an email, Mr Colbert.

  • K S 3 years ago

    Foggy Pine Books! I love that place!

  • Shin 3 years ago

    This. This right here is why people love the US.
    And Trumpism is the reason why people hate the US.

  • lenka cfk 3 years ago

    Good God, Stephen will have to hire five new staffers to go through all the applications!

  • Walter D. Petrovic 3 years ago

    Walter D. Petrovic – Books available on Amazon

  • Marijuanifornia 3 years ago

    Read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer.

  • Chris Richmond 3 years ago

    I would ask who the 12 partypoopers were who ‘disliked’ this video, but I think I met most of them on the comments section regarding Stephen’s piece on the Dr Seuss book ‘cancellation’.

  • Sandra Bovair 3 years ago

    Great idea this is what we need good news stories


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