Sadhguru – Saving Soil to Grow Better Crops | The Daily Show

Published on March 9, 2022

Yogi, mystic, visionary, and best-selling author Sadhguru explains how over 5,000 years of industrialized farming has leached nutrients from the world’s soil, and the ecological impact this has had on food production and raising crops. #DailyShow




  • Kishan Joshi 11 months ago

    #savesoil Sadhguru 🙏♥️

  • Premanand Ramakrishnan 11 months ago

    ##SaveSoil 🙏. Let’s make it happen

  • Kiran B 11 months ago

    He is addressing the root cause of so many issues and yet the solution is so simple 👍

  • Abdullah Faisal 11 months ago

    #Savesoil Mother Earth is so wonderful. Lets save her!

  • Shane 11 months ago

    This is exactly what is needed to be shared in these times.
    For anyone interested in caring for your soil and growing your own food please check The Weedy Garden here on YouTube.
    I’m in no way affiliated or have ever communicated with the channel but I can assure you you will come away enriched as I’m sure your soil and home grown food will too.
    Thanks for sharing such an important subject Trevor and have always had great respect for Sadhguru and his teachings.
    Love from South Africa.

  • Mulugeta Ale 11 months ago

    Here we have another major problem that we don’t even notice. But, Nuclear war is what worries the most now I think.

  • Nzm Khan 11 months ago

    Fraud Sadhguru 😂😂😂

  • Rama S 11 months ago

    Every human living in this world should support Save Soil movement and create awareness among friends, family and community to protect future generations and all lives to live in peace and harmony.

  • Kruti Y 11 months ago

    This is so amazing! My guru and my favorite comedian talking about how critical it is to act now to #savesoil. @Trevor, @thedailyshow thank you so much for taking up the responsibility to spread awareness about this impending crises so that we can take the necessary steps to avert it. Love you @sadhguru for everything you are doing to involve more and more people in this movement 🙏🏽
    Wish this interview was a little longer. Ye dil always mange more 👍🏽😅

  • Darya Cooney 11 months ago

    Yes yes yes and yes . If the guru has to come to our level of existence and clean up the mess it means we are in a big trouble. Save soil from my family

  • Akshay Walia 11 months ago

    This guy’s a complete fraud. Please do background checks before getting someone for an interview

  • Gargi M-D 11 months ago

    Wish this could have gone on longer 🙏🏽 Take away organic content and soil becomes sand (desertification) and add organic content to sand it becomes soil 🙏🏽 We have soil on this planet 🙇🏼‍♀️ What an insightful conversation 💯 let’s


  • ScriptKid 11 months ago

    Let’s make it happen! #savesoil

  • Prakhar Agarwal 11 months ago

    Why it is unlisted??

  • Yu Toob 11 months ago

    Sadhguru is a bonafide legend

  • Lexus915 11 months ago

    Are you a “happy” Guru or a “Sad” Guru?

  • vona bod 11 months ago


  • ermiasd 11 months ago

    Soil? Now we have to worry about soil? Why even try; we are toast. Im just gonna live life to the fullest till everything burns down. No point in trying to fight all these intractable global issues. GAME OVER

  • Max Ruso 11 months ago

    War is in Ukraine not Russia

  • Maribela Ruano 11 months ago

    Awesome! I’ve been saying this for years!!! 🌱🌎💚


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