S.E. Cupp Doesn’t Think Trump is a Conservative

Published on November 13, 2018

S.E. talks about being in LA during the wildfires, tries to grade Donald Trump’s performance during his first two years in office, being attacked by fellow conservatives for not supporting him, her relationship with Trump, and her new project about the first gay Revolutionary War hero.

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  • Mohamed Essrhir 2 years ago

    She is beautiful

  • Rose S 2 years ago

    What a pointless interview.

  • Alternative Spicer 2 years ago

    So we’re just gonna forget about the whole Kimmel – SE Cupp – Monica Lewinsky thing?

  • Mr. Z 2 years ago

    I can’t stand this woman.
    I saw her on Bill Maher a while ago and she was soooo disrespectful to the other guests …rolling her eyes and making faces like some petulant teenager.
    Shes brainless trash.

  • Susan Caucci 2 years ago

    Now on CNN she has to soften her persona When on FOX she was a nasty B These people are whatever they need to be to keep their income flowing No scruples here

  • thad7078 2 years ago

    Didn’t know she was that thick ?

  • Jorge Figueiredo 2 years ago

    trump has 100% american conservative politics, that with more good behaviour she would be tot ok with it.

  • cool breeze 2 years ago

    AZ had the opportunity to elect Martha McSally, an Air Force war veteran, who was the first female pilot to ever fly in combat.

    Instead, they chose Sinema, who referred to AZ as a “meth lab,” told someone it was okay to join the Taliban, and depicted soldiers as evil skeletons.

  • We Are Legion 2 years ago

    Trump isn’t a conservative. He’s just a Con.

  • Rashawn Person 2 years ago

    Love her — watch her show everyone!

  • Weezy F 2 years ago

    She laughs in a funny manner. ?

  • sepehr daghbandan 2 years ago

    Se cupp is an embodiment of a loudmouth know nothing self proclaimed “conservative”. Opinion “journalist” is a way of saying not credible to be a real one while not having the hard work and dedication to become a real journalist. She is a host of a crapy show nothing more.

  • Thrustin Von Helmut 2 years ago

    S.E. Cupp is a shameless political shill. Her attempt here to distance herself from Trump and try to separate the GOP from Trump. GOP is Trump and Cupp is going to go down with Trump too gagging on his orange hairy gonads. She is despicable.

  • Dark Star 2 years ago

    S.E. Cupp….she went from a being a giant screaming C on Fox to trying to come accross as a rational moderate on CNN. Early in her career shed put her legs on the anchor desk as collegues hit on her on the air. She’s such a fake illusion, consider her to be a bad actress who has a political opinion rather than a journalist folks.

  • tw 2 years ago

    Ugh this woman gets in my nerve. I find her superficial, attention seeking, super annoying

  • Klarissa Patricia 2 years ago



  • RecoveringFormalist 2 years ago

    So I guess she’s on because she stuck it in her S.E. Cupp and smoked it?

  • selick 2 years ago

    Finally a smart republican/conservative. Assuming she’s republican.

  • AussieNaturalist 2 years ago

    I don’t agree with some of her political views, but she doesn’t try and lie for the R party or for comrade Trump. So she’s ok in my book ?

  • デビルマン 2 years ago

    How can one be opinionated and claims to be a journalist? ”Opinion Journalist” my ass.


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