Ryan Reynolds: We’ve Got To Do All We Can

Published on April 2, 2020

Gin tycoon Ryan Reynolds beams in to tell Stephen what quarantine life is like for his family and how he and Blake Lively are helping fund relief efforts through their companies Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #RyanReynolds

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  • Dennis Menace 2 years ago

    I’m mostly drinking too, kudos 🙂

  • Poemi10304 2 years ago

    Well, I know what my next cell phone carrier will be!

  • Roar Variant 2 years ago

    I was literally waiting for this video since the last one got uploaded!
    Ryan Reynolds gives us gold, every. Single. Time!!!

  • kaduzy 2 years ago


  • south sider96 2 years ago

    I have said that since the beginning of time. Every person should be required to work in customer service industry. Dealing with shitty people and not being able to say something back to them when they’re ignorant is insanely stressful. Service people are not slaves. They get paid to help you, the least others can do is tip when they go to restaurants and be pleasant.

  • Patricia Xxxx 2 years ago


  • PsyintZ 2 years ago

    “Most men tend to be the archetype of someone’s demise.” Lmao, that’s one of the best quotables ever uttered… even though I completely resent it. 🙁

  • Afshin Ertanin 2 years ago

    Ryan Reynolds is giving Tom Hanks competition for the title “the nicest man in Hollywood” 😁

  • Phantom Limb 2 years ago

    WTF is going on? Why is Ryan Reynolds suddenly grey as fuck?

  • Jao Wil 2 years ago

    I never worked in the service industry. I can understand there there job in normal times so I am always kind to them and treat them with respect. Even when the very few rude ones treat me like crap. I have my bad moods as well. They are working so hard right now that I won’t even speak to them because unless I can offer them relief in some way they don’t want to chat. They just want to get through there day. I’m glad people are out there doing things to help them though at the moment, I cannot. Be kind to everyone unless you are trying to teach someone to be kind by being harsh. I say that in a much diluted way. I just can’t yell at people. I don’t have it in me. Lets ALL get this over with fellas.Suffer ourselves for a few weeks for the greater good.

  • oscar aguirre 2 years ago

    There are few celebrities I believe are actually great people, Ryan and Stephen, very much up there.

  • David ODonovan 2 years ago

    good on you Ryan for “giving back” – we need more people like you! I will do my part by trying to buy your gin over here in Australia 😉

  • Prometheus Unbound 2 years ago

    I’m getting a little tired already of Hollywood and musical celebrities spouting platitudes about how we, the “common people,” should handle this medical crisis. I get it. I’ve always gotten it. I understand that not everyone is as self-actualized as I am. I don’t accept it, but I understand it. No offense; I actually LIKE Ryan Reynolds. I just don’t need to hear daily how we should be conducting ourselves, least of all from movie stars, whose lives are so much better due to the money we pay to see them perform. I listen to doctors, not politicians and certainly not celebrities. The latter’s job is to entertain us, not inform us how to live our lives. It’s all rather condescending, in my opinion.

  • Mai Mariarti 2 years ago

    Everyone is wasting away! You all look like suffering from depression!
    No one shaves, walks around in their pajamas, over-eats and worries all day!
    You are showing signs of breakdown and becoming poisoned by the orange orangutan.

  • Yumna Apta 2 years ago


  • 29lookingood 2 years ago

    A Beautiful Man both inside and out 💙

  • TheBunnyodeath 2 years ago

    omg Ryan you own aviation gin. you have been by godsend for months now ty.

  • Thomas Livingstone 2 years ago

    Post barbarian life🙄

  • dick fister 2 years ago

    Ryan Reynolds…he rocks. Always taking the piss out of himself. Rare… Great actor also, BTW.

  • Digital media tips 2 years ago

    He has red AirPods Pro? Are those even out yet?


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