Russia Shuts Power at Chernobyl & Saudi Arabia and UAE Refuse Biden’s Calls For Gas | The Daily Show

Published on March 9, 2022

Russian troops shut off Chernobyl’s power plant, Poland and the U.S. avoid sending fighter jets to Ukraine, the Middle East won’t answer Biden’s calls, and anti-Russia protesters target the wrong people in the U.S. #DailyShow #Ukraine




  • Alexander 2 years ago

    Typical american idiotic move.. Attackin russian related people n establishment.. The whole world shld kick them out as well as Usa is always the main source of conflict n war.

  • Sudhanshu Ranjan 2 years ago

    Love your show

  • Analyst Trader 2 years ago

    The hostility against Russians is uncalled for and it really is an indirect declaration of war against Russia. This is Putin’s war not Russia’s war

  • FAHIM ISTIYAK 2 years ago

    Haha these step are never taken when USA attack other countries.

  • Dragon's Hook 2 years ago

    “Now please note, if I’m wrong about the nukes, we’re all dead.”

    He somehow managed to make me laugh about global annihilation. Lol

  • Ash Willis 2 years ago

    WW3 as already began. We just need to accept it. our children will live in a nuclear wasteland.

  • No name 2 years ago

    I swear Americans are absolutely special needs when it comes to racism.

  • SHOILEE A 2 years ago

    The past 4 years (prior to 2021) destroyed America and American values and common decency and destroyed the respect for Americans in the world stage. To repair that much damage will take a long, long time.
    One taxi driver commented, “Republican leaders destroy everything and make a mess. Then Democratic leaders do the hard work to clean up the mess.” It is funny how some people understand that and others do not.
    Every single American (does not matter which party) should say thank you to our current leader for his strong, steady, wise, honest, kind, and caring leadership through the most difficult times of COVID, economic crisis, a divided country (due to previous leader), and many serious issues (created by the previous leader).
    Love and blessings to every single American. Love and blessings to all the people of the world.

  • Ian Francis 2 years ago

    Nailed it on this vid.

  • Srini 2 years ago


  • Daniel DeVito 2 years ago

    If you voted for Joe Biden, you’re DIRECTLY responsible for what’s going on in Ukraine.


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