Russia Is Attempting To Hack Our Brains

Published on February 14, 2019

Apparently elections aren’t enough. Russia is now attempting to interfere with our brains.

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  • Cheryl McWhorter 6 days ago

    Ted Bundy escaped from Colorado twice and went on a murder spree in Florida. Yeah I feel so relieved.

  • Paul Ramos 6 days ago

    United States Penitentiary Administrative-Maximum Facility (aka SUPERMAX)–reputedly inescapable and the “Alcatraz of the Rockies”…

    El Chapo–Sostenga mi cerveza….

  • Magnifico Giganticus 6 days ago

    Steely Dan is all I’ve been listening to of late. “Like a castle in its corner in a medieval game, I forsee terrible trouble and I stay here just the same.”

  • F Squanchy 6 days ago

    John’s chuckle made me think I heard Jeff Bridges

  • Chicago Critic Gerald 6 days ago

    Putin already ruins everything even jomes!

  • Patrick Star 6 days ago

    Make El Chapo pay for the border wall?


  • Amos Kaminski 6 days ago

    “Has he never heard of THE BUTT?!” #buttstuff

  • A Wee Scots Dog 6 days ago

    The Much Urea Candidate – Shamed Don with Any Money
    (aka Stinker, Traitor, Troller, Spy)

    He gets his equipment from Q
    His Bond age girls are P and U
    Though they might be less old
    (Undercover we’re told)
    Along with T, I and N too

    But the code word did not seem complete
    Was “QUIT PN” a cipher discrete?
    An enigma with tact
    Asking him to redact
    His most sensitive actions – delete

    But what if later more letters arrived?
    So by adding M, double E he then strived
    To understand what the quip meant
    But with Intellectual EQUIPMENT
    Non-existent, it remained underived

    But the solution stared him in the face
    No letters to re-arrange or replace
    Because this Cryptogram
    It was no anagram
    Just his boss “Q” (PUTIN) – hacking his base

  • ProNorden Agrarian-Nationalism 6 days ago

    Russian policy advocacy is persuasive re pro-Peace foreign policy, pro-Family culture, & balanced economics. #GoNationalist✌️ ..#PeaceAndFreeNations✌️ ..#ProtectWildernessAndWildlife✌️

  • CAP198462 6 days ago

    If Russia wants to hack our brains we’re going to need one heckuva Brain fighter, somebody like….Tuck Buckford

  • Erdood 6 days ago

    Beelzebub = lord of flies in Hebrew.

  • Ari 6 days ago

    Ted Cruz is dumb

  • Daft Amirio Productions 6 days ago

    Wishful Mr bean🤣

  • Lyla Lolliberry 6 days ago

    I also have the lyrics to every Steely Dan song in my head!

  • Mass Extinction 6 days ago

    Crapitalism has already hacked brains 🤧 bible nigg-ers

  • TheReal008Zulu 6 days ago

    Ted Cruz: Remember how we made you pay for the Wall?
    El Chapo: Si Senior.
    Ted Cruz: Ok, we are going to need a translator in here. But anyway, it turns out that the maintenance fees for the wall, are much higher than the cost of building it, so we need you to start smuggling drugs in to America, so we can take that money off you to repair the Wall.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 6 days ago

    How to get Russia out of your brain:

    *See Stephen Miller’s forehead.*

  • Carol Anne 6 days ago

    Putinism sounds like a euphemism for having gas.

  • Magnus of Backwater 6 days ago

    Oh, turnips. What a classy joke, Stephanie. Can I joke about coups, obesity, prescription drug abuse and payday loan companies you historic squatters are spreading all over the world or is it insensitive to make fun of the next constitutional amendment you guys will be getting much sooner than you’d expect?

  • TheCstar07 6 days ago

    Well…. That was an accent…. From where though is the question


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