Russia Holds A Yard Sale To Pay Back Its Debts

Published on April 12, 2022

That last item is definitely not going to sell… #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • Ernesto Marcos 10 months ago

    Argentina looking at Russia defaulting on its foreign debt (with a noose around its neck): First time?

  • hellocollegejason198 10 months ago

    Always appreciate a commodore 64 reference

  • Misteribel 10 months ago

    “Slightly used president”, didn’t see that coming I laughed so hard it hurt! Brilliant 🤩 as ever! 😂

  • Mike T 10 months ago

    Ummm anyone want to buy a like new AK 47. I’ve also got some rockets and some slightly dated MREs. Any offer will be considered, willing to trade for a Ukrainian citizenship. Call Vlad but ask for Ivan.

  • croc glox 10 months ago

    I got a rebuildable carburetor for my 1962 Pobeda and a beautiful set of hubcaps from Stalin’s ZIS limo.
    Also a big box full of documents labelled “Florida Politics and Guantanamo Kompromat”. Some lovely, frame-able photos in that.

  • C M 10 months ago

    Silly man. Of course we don’t take turnips. There is only one valid Russian currency. Is potato.

  • Richard 10 months ago

    Ukraine actually doesn’t have sanctions against trading with Russia, I bet they could get the credit and just buy all hardware currently on Ukrainian soil. Even paying for handover services and then transportation for Russians back to the border would not be an issue. They might insist on some fine print contract stipulations though

  • NYCJ3aHudson 10 months ago

    COLBERT can go to the same place PUTIN IS DESTINED FOR… That’s NOT ARUBA…

  • Miles Harbord 10 months ago

    They are drowning in oil, might be an idea to accept the oil

  • Anke Wallace 10 months ago

    Stephen that was Perfect !!!” Slightly used Traitor President !!!
    Laughed my Ass off soo much Peed myself & had to change sleepwear.
    & Thinking🤔 all night There’s got to be a way to cut , paste & make a Meme of that ONE!!!🤣😅😂🤣😅😂
    I’ll figure it out… I hope!!!
    Koodoo’s on anyone that can produce that Meme !!!

  • Daniel Foster 10 months ago

    I actually want that commodore 64 pls dm

  • morpork 8888 10 months ago

    I’d take the C64.

  • Eddie42023 10 months ago

    used president for sale? Does he come cheap… or not?

  • Joanne Battersby 10 months ago

    Here in Ont. Canada we have a great songwriter and musician Fred Eaglesmith who writes wry and sad/funny lyrics such as –
    ” We’re having a big-ass garage sale ,
    While Mommas’ in Jail.”

  • On Taka 10 months ago

    I am sure there are plenty of people who want to use the “slightly used president” as target practice, or maybe as “pet alligator feed”.

  • V. Britton 10 months ago

    Souvenirs from Chernobyl

  • On Taka 10 months ago

    Russia is holding a yard sale of goods they have looted recently in Ukraine.

  • Aaron Dunlap 10 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣 seriously though don’t knock the Commodore 64, the sound chip it uses (the SID chip) is sought after for making harsh sounding digital synthesizers (!)

  • Wendigo63 ! 10 months ago

    Spin Doctors. Good times.

  • Timo V Tavio 10 months ago

    $2 worth of sanctions. I’d say that’s pretty smart.


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