Russia Defaults On Debt, Soldiers Steal Chernobyl Souvenirs | Don Jr.’s Texts Reveal Coup Plan

Published on April 11, 2022

Russia’s default on its foreign debt is evidence that global sanctions are squeezing the country’s economy, and texts between the former president’s son and his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows reveal details of a pre-election plot to subvert the will of American voters. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Katmandu Dawn 12 months ago

    Back during the Soviet era rubles were not a foreign currency. It was not used outside the country. Russia had to do all it’s trade with dollars, kroner, etc.

    It seems Putin really is going for all the golden oldies, invade and conquer all the neighbors and have useless currency. Good times👍!

  • MM Mountain 12 months ago


  • B.O.M.B - Being On My Bike 12 months ago

    Come on.. Hes a conman.. And so is T****

  • pop5678eye 12 months ago

    Challenge to all: Stephen has been using fun nicknames for the orange man for years now, refusing to say his actual name.
    It is time he applied the same principle to the Russian dictator. Let’s come up with some nicknames he could use, starting with some obvious ones:
    The potato king.
    The shirtless horse-lover.
    Censor the terrible.

  • The Harbinger 12 months ago

    I wish I had Colbert’s confidence in the Justice department. Personally I believe the FBI is full of J Edgar cosplay Trump supporters and Garland is a complete c*nt – and absolutely nothing is going to happen to Trump and the REPs, and the next republican president will likely be the last president American ever has. If you think Russia is a problem on the world stage now, just wait till the world has to deal with a full on robot chubby fascist America

  • spock 12 months ago

    Trump is like a swear word now lol

  • dizzybynature 12 months ago

    I cant wait to see Stephen play D&D again for Red Nose Day..

  • JP Schlecht 12 months ago

    That’s the weakness entrance

  • Kristopher Kitts 12 months ago

    He SHOULD NOT be bragging about this on National T.V. (NEVER talk about tactics, EVER where the enemy can hear)

  • Julia Honer 12 months ago


  • Homer J. Simpson 12 months ago

    Not sure what’s so funny about potatoes though…

  • Angela NIchols 12 months ago

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 That was one of the best opening performance yet! I might have thrown in a no Uncle Phil with the Banks jokes. A little wink to the Will Smith boo boo.

  • JP Schlecht 12 months ago

    That’s a huge smile for war

  • Lisa Loki 12 months ago

    We all see know russias army aint ish! Outdated weapons, not enough food or ammo. Putin only has yes men telling him what he wants to hear. Not that hey dude this might not work out as we see it playing out for the world to see.

  • Christina Rose 12 months ago

    Johnathon banks…

  • Jeff Hinman 12 months ago

    Not too smart telling the whole world how drones are being used to fool Russian soldiers.

  • David Ratford 12 months ago

    I like your rhetoric Stephen but Catholic church is the worst stand up don’t allow Catholic church too get away once again are we Nazis

  • Joshua VanVleet 12 months ago

    I am just glad that our media and satirists do not talk about America’s wars this way. in fact, I don’t remember hearing almost anything about our activities in Iraqi and Afghanistan. Selective outrage sure is a convenience.

  • Yonas Nahom 12 months ago

    All he speaks is about TV. All he thinks is reality show, not real world.
    I think he needs someone to tell him TV lives in the world. NOT the world lives in TV.


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