Russia Better Not Come for Tom Cruise

Published on September 21, 2021

James Corden kicks off the show with an Emmy Awards recap, asking Reggie Watts how his DJ experience was beyond people walking into frame when he was on camera. After, James sends a wishlist to his parents ahead of their travel to the US now that restrictions are being lifted. And a story about a Russian film crew set to beat Tom Cruise to producing a movie in space has James and the team on high alert.

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  • 31Solati579 3 years ago

    Hey, James, so instead of kidnapping One Direction, you should just pile on more Peppa Pig jokes.

  • Todd Clark 3 years ago

    Well I’m just checking with you that way I know it’s right everybody pissed off cuz the tracker ain’t on so can you tell or can I still dance around my underwear

  • Alton Humes 3 years ago



  • Lord Walker 3 years ago

    They can have the little scumbag, it astounds me that one of the biggest movies stars in the world cut all ties with his daughter because she and Katie Holmes are not Scientologists anymore and no one talks about it or that his older children had to turns their backs on Nicole Kidman when she divorced him. His homes are staffed with sea org members who work 14-16 hour days for 50 bucks a week.

  • Teresita Uy 3 years ago

    Let’s hope that next year the Emmy won’t ignore the late,late show

  • Kim Cole 3 years ago

    Ty for mentioning BTS and btw not all their fans are 15 yr old girls …
    I’m army and I’m 61
    There are lots of us actually

  • kingofthesharks 3 years ago

    11:20 Reggie, that chunky end was USB-A
    I think the guy thought the “A” stood for something anatomical…

  • kingofthesharks 3 years ago

    10:26 TD!! Nice switching to catch the genuine Susan reaction!

  • Joshuaj Toves 3 years ago

    Who’s the Russian girl in the thumb nail shes hot

  • Kelly Schulstad 3 years ago

    Hate Tom Cruise. I clicked regardless because I love the Late Late Show banter.

  • Amirol_XI 3 years ago

    The fact that Ken is that is just too perfect. Hahaha

  • C D 3 years ago

    Love you James and gang but your suit tonight looks like a train conductor.


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