RuPaul on Superman vs Spider-Man, Guest Hosting Kimmel & Celebrating Christmas

Published on December 15, 2021

RuPaul talks about the great time he had guest hosting the show, playing dirty charades with the staff, not understanding the big deal with Spider-Man, not giving gifts at Christmas, bringing a gift for everyone in our audience, his new movie The Bitch Who Stole Christmas, a horrendous RuPaul ornament for sale, and the 14th season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”


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  • ĎĘMØŃ NłÑJA 2 years ago

    Don’t care get Andrew and Tobey

  • mr raiz 2 years ago

    wow his understanding of superman is amazing

  • JohnTheAnimator 2 years ago

    who else saw spiderman no way home? Spoiler Alert:

    Aunt may dies
    daredevil shows up as well as the 2 spiderman
    tom kills green goblin
    doc oct dies

  • New Message 2 years ago

    That, and Peter being a teenager who’s hands are always sticky really spoke to me as a kid.

  • Grace B 2 years ago

    Rupaul has turned into a preacher lmao

  • Kim B 2 years ago

    love RuPaul’s jacket

  • Derek Traywick 2 years ago

    An immediate cease and desist….that’s amazingly GOLD on the internet.

  • Bene Gesserit 2 years ago

    The way Jimmy had to remind Ru of Trixie’s last name

  • sky 2 years ago

    YAAS love him

  • Julia Mulyk 2 years ago

    It’s Mr. X.

  • Broncos Country 2 years ago

    The most manliest woman

  • Danny Burleigh 2 years ago

    Does a little boy work at the Daily Buggle? Does a Little boy drive around late at night delivering pizza’s etc! This new Spiderboy has Jimmy stupid I guess! Tobey Maguire is my Spiderman! This kid version is a real mind fv Reply

  • WIDE AWAKE 2 years ago

    Superman is for sure a Messianic figure. A highly evolved being sent down to Earth by his celestial father who uses his supernatural powers to save.
    I always liked Spiderman bc Parker is a smartass.


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