Run It Back with Phoebe Robinson

Published on October 15, 2021

It’s “Run It Back,” in which “Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes: Essays” author Phoebe Robinson must decide if she wants to bring some items from the past back or keep them where they’re at! Is Phoebe into crimped hair, or no? #Colbert #RunItBack #PhoebeRobinson

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  • iAlex Videos 2 years ago

    More people have died this year than last year from Coronavirus.

    Even with all that science were following.

    Keep on Virtue signaling Democrats.

  • Yuriel Cundangan 2 years ago

    Not a single should have tactics as it pertains into OFFENSE

  • Estella B. Deems 2 years ago

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  • Igor Schmidlapp 2 years ago

    “Genners”? The answer to “Boomers”…

  • RIXRADvidz 2 years ago

    My Heaping Helping of Happiness and Joy for Today. Phoebe BrightShine Robinson.

  • あんどれさん 2 years ago

    glow in the dark stars are badass for kids rooms. good luck seeing stars in the city… fail on that one
    jelly shoes are dope raver fashion. big in japan with cute girls. another fail phoebe,
    nice insight on nothing lol

  • bladoody scabloody 2 years ago

    so wheres the show tho ? did they go on vacation or stop production ? …i mean not to bust Phoebe Robinson or anything but …..its been a few days …im confused where is the host ?

  • Amanda 2 years ago

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  • Rachel Lee 2 years ago

    Why must African American women allow themselves to let the media perpetuate this image of bafoonatry? This hurts the rest of us African American women, societally and economically.

  • dasyochannel 2 years ago

    Glow in the dark stars are still cool. I put em on my garage ceiling.

  • josh sero 2 years ago

    Physical bookstores still exist

  • boysdon’tcry 2 years ago

    This unfunny hack plagiarizes most of her material


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