Rudy Giuliani’s Insane Press Conference; Trump Tries to Steal Michigan: A Closer Look

Published on November 19, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at Rudy Giuliani’s meltdown on live television and Trump trying to overturn the will of Michigan voters.

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  • Adraboran Davis-Blake 2 months ago

    Trump is attempting to set himself in the White House as a dictator. He knows the truth;he just won’t admit it.
    He will continue to squat until he is put out!

  • Alex M 2 months ago

    Rudy isn’t even getting paid to be this crazy.He does it for the love of Donnie,even though Donnie will throw him under the bus if he needs to.

  • J297WFD 2 months ago

    It’s not a coup when your still the President. Biden isn’t President yet. He projected to win but it’s not official yet.

  • Adrian Augustus 2 months ago

    These politicians must be held accountable

  • Matt HH 2 months ago

    Comedians just aren’t the same without the audience laughing in the background, like I wish they would just edit it in or something

  • RapidR3D 2 months ago

    I’d encourage this audience to do some independent research into allegations of voter fraud. I personally couldn’t believe it. It’s unfortunate that people like Seth with large platforms aren’t telling the truth. If this election gets overturned millions of Americans are going to be blindsided…

  • MoGeLzZ 2 months ago

    trump for prision

  • dan haffy 2 months ago

    I love your Rudy impersonation it’s got a little blue Aarvark (John Byner) from the Pink Panther in it.

  • Rev K 2 months ago

    How could you not make a joke about his hair dye running down his face?

  • Nancy Berg 2 months ago

    Thank you,Seth and all the staff that supports this program .

  • Ke Corra 2 months ago

    Rudy described it like Gary Bussey tryin to explain the movie Oceans 8.

  • sandra graves 2 months ago

    Thank you Seth

  • ChrisHallett83 2 months ago

    Lol at Scollins getting dunked on non-stop!

  • Paladin Demo 2 months ago

    10:57 so bidden is going to quit and hand over responsibility to brie Trump Larson.

  • SlayerBVC 2 months ago

    7:46 Mick, you know _exactly_ why Trump is using Rudy for this. It’s on the Trump Coat of Arms for crying out loud.

    _A retribuunt acre alieno laborare Trump._

    *_A Trump never pays their debts._*

  • TC1TheOrginal 2 months ago

    Black is the new orange? 🤔

  • jc 2 months ago

    I don’t see Rudy anymore, it’s all Kate McKinnon. My secret crush. xo

  • Paul E. Rimel, III 2 months ago

    Trump has already won the election. Our Heavenly Father Yah and our Master Yahusha ha’Mashiach has put Trump back into office. Watch and see how this unfolds. Biden never did win but will be judged by the Almighty Yah with the liberal Democrat media outlets, Democrats, Hollywood, other countries, etc. They may want to repent of the there wickedness quickly. Repent and believe in Yahusha ha’Mashiach who can set you free from your bondage of sins. Sins are transgressions against Yah instructions and commandments. Food for thought in love.

  • Dana Byron 2 months ago

    Interesting… so we talk about sweating. All kinds of superficial personal attacks. Nobody denies in these comments there are not counties with 200% voter turn out. Nobody is shooting down the facts. It could be a Simpsons episode “But he is sweaty!!!”

  • Renee Moreno 2 months ago

    I declare I won …if he can we all can.
    He doesn’t pay his Bill’s? Why can’t we all do the same? He pays no taxes? He claimed bone spurs? He lies? Why should anyone be accountable for anything? Seriously they are a complete freaking joke.


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