Rudy Giuliani’s COVID breath destroys everything in his path

Published on December 7, 2020

Rudy Giuliani tested positive for COVID right after he was filmed walking around the Georgia statehouse without a mask and destroyed everything in his path. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 12/8/2020

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  • Mark Dowse 2 years ago

    Rudy’s “COVID breath” may be toxic 🤮 to a degree…..

    But his attempts at legal ⚖ ‘challenges’ to the election result have been abysmal !!! 👎👺

  • Graeme Henchel 2 years ago

    Odour in the court! Odour in the court!
    Mr Giuliani your attempts to gaslight this court amount to nothing but hot air and noise.
    Frankly your argument has the smell of desperation and has completely fallen flatulent.
    If you had been allowed to follow through you would have not only messed up your briefs but you would have put a stain and a stench on the very fabric of our democracy for decades to come.

  • Redstone Casey 2 years ago

    Good news everyone! If you pause at the right moment, the statue’s dick is unblurred!

  • Summer Leo 2 years ago

    These bits are stupid.

  • badfoody 2 years ago

    The rise and fall of Rudy Guliani

    From stopping the Mob

    To stop and frisk

    To this….

  • david clark 2 years ago

    Rudys covid farts are even more of a threat. He should wear a mask on his butt.

  • Mats K 2 years ago

    Isn’t a deliberate attempt to get people infected with a deadly virus kind of a crime? “Can you take the mask off?” Oh, I forgot… It’s ok if the republicans are doing it.

  • Chavah Shalom L. 2 years ago

    Yeah, real classy. He wasn’t wearing a mask because, now sit down children because we’re going to have storytime…. grab your milky and your blanky and gather around…..
    He wasn’t wearing a mask because…
    Once upon a time, there once was some very important people who decided that human rights were inalienable. That means they couldn’t be removed from the person, children. So, mayor Rudy Juliani had a right to not wear a mask. Oh, and look children, the people around him wasn’t wearing one either, so do you know what that tells me? It tells me they were exercising their rights to not wear one either. You have those very rights TOO! You have the right to wear or not wear one. Wow!!!! Isn’t freedom awesome??? Now, in this story, there are some bad guys too….boo…. These bad guys want to tell you what to do with your business and your property and your body…. They believe the only ones that deserve rights are those who obey the ones who want to control you. This is called fascism. But the good guys of 1776 have a wonderful gift called the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND THE US CONSTITUTION of 1789 tells us we’re free and that we have rights!
    So go ahead and make fun of people who don’t wear a mask, you HAVE THE RIGHT, but, we also have the right to think your youtube page is a piece of crap and we have the right to never darken the doorstep of it again.

  • Zahar Bujiti 2 years ago

    B. J. Trump is the President of US for 4 more years. They did not count all the votes, there were 500M votes, not counted, legally casted votes given by Russians & Martians!!!! They both came through Ether and had picture IDs on them.. They were not dead walking. They are live and healthy animations.. Trump has the biggest Vote in US History. 574M votes..Count the Russians and Martians in… Even Covid voted for Trump.. Ask the Virus.. He was telling me that, then I got sick of it.. Said Giuliani

  • joelchummel 2 years ago

    Rudy’s breath destroys everything in his path, and his farts everything in his wake. That Rudy, he gets ya coming and going! 🤣

  • margie brett 2 years ago

    I wonder if anyone is doing contact tracing for Rudy? Many more Covid cases are going to appear because never wears a mask and he spits all over when he talks! 👀👀

  • kaykay21 2 years ago

    Sue this idiot people!!

  • Matthew Mangum 2 years ago

    Not surprised one iota!

  • عائشة 2 years ago

    Don’t f bring wishing him well he should rest in peace in a parking lot made up hospital bed and get the same treatment because we are getting to comfortably by letting the bad actions getting unpunished this is not a 3rd grade class when we encourage the kids and even if the biggest ass did it wrong we Said, Good Boy and give him a cookie no f way

  • *Astarael* 2 years ago

    But Rudy be looking like a walking disease anyway🤢🤮

  • Rocky 2 years ago

    Covid tests positive for guiliani

  • Milos.r 2 years ago

    Rudy’s new tshirt: I went with tRump 2020 and all I got was Covid-19

  • T Electronix 2 years ago

    Not just his breath.
    Roody was spreading covid from both ends.


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