Rudy Giuliani Rants About “Scumbag” Michael Cohen | The Daily Show

Published on August 1, 2018

Rudy Giuliani launches a bizarre attack against Michael Cohen after the former Trump attorney signals a willingness to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.



  • Damian Martinez 2 years ago

    That’s why trump and trumptards hate cnn cause they blast them dumb fucks with facts so fast it makes them realize how much of shitty liars are and the only people who believe in trumps bullshit are his uneducated supporters lmao

  • Deanna Delmar 2 years ago

    I am so grateful my children are grown. The government sets horrible examples for our children. I am so sorry that “We The People “ have such abusive “role models”. It is doing a lot of harm.

  • Ye'Naiya Bey 2 years ago


  • greg j 2 years ago

    Like everything else, all that is going to occur is that the taxpayers will fork over another $100 million or so on another Progressive witch hunt that will be a dead end. Even more so, the Progressive Media’s fanaticism will quietly cause another million former classical Libs to defect over to the Repubs. I almost don’t wonder who the Media is really working for because they’re doing all of Trump’s dirty work for him.

  • Kate Gallagher 2 years ago

    So sad about Trump offspring. They want Daddy to love them and he can’t love anyone but himself. So they keep sucking up to him to try to win approval that they’ll never get. Damned narcissists. Got nothing to give, just take and take and take.

  • elmer kemp 2 years ago

    LET ME SEE IF I HAVE THIS RIGHT ? The scumbag that boned the porn star while his wife was in the hospital having his baby isn’t a Scumbag but his former lawyer IS according to his present lawyer Who is cheating on his wife too .Sound about right?

  • Kyle Wooldridge 2 years ago

    I mean my leg bounces when I sit sometimes. My dad does it too. I don’t think it’s a bad thing we do that…

  • samlerf 2 years ago

    Rudy once published a book about, well, pretty much winning. WINING, PEOPLE!

  • Suga G 2 years ago

    Hahahahahahaaaahhahahahaa ?????
    I’m dying bro

  • The BOOKKEEPER 2 years ago

    Please read the last chapter of CONFESSIONS of an ECONOMIC HIT MAN.

  • Elena Christian 2 years ago

    So when do we get to the part of the play where Pence stabs Trump in the back on the floor of the Senate?

  • Marlo Wilson 2 years ago

    Rudy said “maybe he’s both”. After trump fires him, I wonder who will come for him like he’s doing Cohen. ?

  • Q V 2 years ago

    Apparently Cohen is not enough scum so Trump hired Giuliani.

  • negra lopez 2 years ago

    RG should just stay under his rock

  • Samuel Goldman 2 years ago

    R. Rudy, m’y 6 year old son asked why you are changing your stories and lying all the time?
    I don’t have a straight answer for my son, could you please help me?

  • Amy Freedman 2 years ago

    Rudy Giuliani has the worst speech impediment. See a pathologist, please!

  • Dulles Perez 2 years ago

    waooo.juliani is sad

  • Matthew Alpha G Martin 2 years ago

    This new government is better than any action movies I’ve ever seen. I don’t need to download any more movies. I just need to turned it to CNN or Fox & Friends. And most of all the Daily Show with my boy, Trevor Noah

  • Taufik Rahman 2 years ago

    Escape Hatch!!! HAHAHA… Lol. ???

  • Joyce Duncan 2 years ago

    9/11 was SEVENTEEN years ago. No one is as sharp as they were 17 years ago. Might be time for Rudy to get out of the spotlight that he loves so well!
    He was America’s mayor back then. Now he has sold his soul to the devil. SAD.
    Yet another person giving up their principles for The Donald, who has none.


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