Rudy Giuliani Lies About Lying About ‘No Collusion’

Published on January 18, 2019

Rudy Giuliani made another crazy appearance on CNN where he claimed that he never said that there was ‘no collusion’ between the Trump Administration and Russia. If we didn’t have it on video it would almost be too much to believe. In the meantime, there are new details about Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. According to the Wall Street Journal and Cohen himself, in the lead-up to Trump’s run for President, Cohen hired a company to rig online polls in Trump’s favor. In addition, he also had a Twitter account created for him called ‘Women for Cohen.’

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  • Cem Karaca Fan 3 years ago

    For everythin he deserves respect thanks to him crime amount of new york has decreased alot thanks to him we can walk on manhatton peacefully

  • Applejacks 3 years ago

    A Walmart bag with 12k and a boxing glove? He’s lucky he didn’t get a life size trump portrait

  • RustBucket 3 years ago

    Cuomo bodied Rudy goddamn

  • OSKA 3 years ago

    Trump & his Cronies need to understand the word COLLUSION…
    Synonyms = Conspiracy, Complicity, Involvement, Agreement, Knowledge, Consent, Approval. Take your pick they all add up to the same thing ie: secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose

  • V 3 years ago

    Rudy is the result of many lying morons who can’t get their stories straight, mostly the orange one.

  • free man 3 years ago

    Side effects from the 9/11 dust????

  • Rosalia Ivonne Moreno Sifuentes 3 years ago

    3:00 LOL ??

  • Brade Bronson 3 years ago

    Jimmy got any other jokes? If Trump wasn’t president, he’d be out of a job.

  • mick readdin 3 years ago

    Giuliani to Trump… “You’re not going to prison Donald, it’s a gated community.”

    Seth Myers.

  • LibHunk 3 years ago

    Ghouliani is the worst lawyer for any Client. The only reason Ghouliani is on TV is to persuade American people that Trump is innocent of any crimes. This is PR move coz he knows Trump don’t have a chance in front of Mueller.

  • ANAM SHAIKH 3 years ago

    Rudy Giuliani is the most hilarious people ever born . Here is a fun fact he was a clown in his before life.

  • Andy Rouse 3 years ago

    Can’t waste time on watching this slop, someone let me know if the sissy cried again and I’ll come back ??

  • Gus Maldonado 3 years ago

    Damn every time I see trump I wonder if his eye bags glow in the dark….

  • Alejandro Reyes 3 years ago

    And he’s a lawyer? ???

  • Dozo G 3 years ago

    The look on Guilliany’s face when Cuomo says “Mueller just showed Trump’s campaign manager played with the Russians”.
    “Whoabhue hmmmea.. we don’t need a special counsel to investigate a campaign manager”

    Hey, Rudy…. Seems that we actually do.

  • Recyclops 3 years ago

    Remember how much people used to love this guy

  • Nikola Bijeliti 3 years ago

    Nobody tells African countries that they have to take in millions of non-Africans.
    Nobody tells Asian countries that they have to take in millions of non-Asians.
    But anti-Whites tell ALL White countries and ONLY White countries that they have to take in millions and millions of non-Whites every year until White people are minorities in their own lands. Under international law, this is genocide. White genocide.
    They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Jon Robinson 3 years ago

    I wonder if Rudy will be roommates Trump at the nut house?

  • Binky Ferrari 3 years ago

    Giuliani is a joke.

  • 2Ω CD5 3 years ago

    What’s wrong with your twitching eyes Rudy?
    You know there are some of us out here that can read body language.


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