Rudy Giuliani Is Banned From Fox News, But Not From The Late Show!

Published on October 1, 2021

The former New York City mayor takes a break from recording Cameo messages and joins Stephen to discuss the many challenges he’s facing in his personal and professional lives. #Colbert #RudyGiuliani #JohnLithgow

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  • Boy Aditya 12 months ago

    Rudy Guliani pretty much Dick Solomon, now 🤣

  • brian glendenning 12 months ago

    I am watching this while consulting with my Chief of Staff – really!

  • vedran sijercic 12 months ago

    What the hell is this clown still doing on this show when this show should be Conans!!! Conan rules!!

  • Hannibal B 12 months ago

    This is going to seem like a weird tangent, but just reading these comments from the episode tonight and comparing them to the comments posted on the vaccine skit video from the other day, really reminds me just how insidious, dishonest and predictable the far right brigade is. It’s obvious some of their propaganda mills sent them to that video because 99% of the comments are nothing but the usual far right propaganda memes and the like/dislike ratio has been clearly manipulated.

    It’s insane how they are able to get away with manipulating the garbage corners of the internet like this (and trust me, youtube comment sections are one of the worst unmoderated garbagehole corners of the internet, up there with facebook comments and virtually all news media comment sections). The right is only really good at one thing these days, pushing propaganda through underhanded means. Sadly.

  • A Andrus 12 months ago

    Nobody does Rudy better.❤

  • Jo Nas 12 months ago

    be drunk all the time and you’ll always have an excuse

  • Pro Ramorn 12 months ago

    Is he real Rudy Juliana. I am sure he is.

  • Daye Gilharno 12 months ago

    “…and therefore I’m making you an honorary knight-commander… of the royal… something…” – I am soo glad that sh**ty aristocrate, that didn’t speak up ONCE on Brexit, is still alive to bite herself in the butt watching this!

  • Keallei 12 months ago

    Mmmmm Jon in that chocolate suit. When are you releasing your fashion line?!

  • Sub-Zero 7 12 months ago

    Hard to believe he actually did a good job as mayor of New York!

  • Julia Connell 12 months ago

    this was BRILLIANT – I do feel a bit sorry for Rudy – really I do – (still remember when he was – well – post 9/11, really sad how low he’s sunk since then) – John Lithgow is just brilliant at this though, have to appreciate his genius portrayal

  • Razar Campbell 12 months ago

    John Lithgow is too recognisable to do these kinds of bits. It takes all the mystery out of trying to guess who’s behind the makeup and prosthetics.

  • julia taylor 12 months ago

    Rudy is a brilliant impersonator this denegration of him is evil.

  • Vince F 12 months ago

    Sadly accurate. 🥺

  • Rob B rc n stuff 12 months ago

    John Lithgow is awesome. I miss 3rd rock from the sun.

  • J. 12 months ago

    This show is rigged, i demand a recount, and yes ill drink to that.

  • Denise H 12 months ago

    John Batiste is gorgeous and lovely !!

  • sherrie gammon 12 months ago

    I don’t understand why no one is focusing on him saying “never went out with a woman or YOUNG GIRL with him.” Seems he was admitting to being with underage females.. U have women and you have girls.. Why would u need to say both? Jus my opinion.. 🤔


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