Roy Moore Loves Putin Just As Much As Trump

Published on December 12, 2017

What!? Disturbing news about Roy Moore that isn’t pedophilia-related?

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  • Toad Jiang 2 years ago

    Why do republicans all suddenly have such a hard-on for Russia?

  • thiefofa1073 2 years ago

    Good god. Add in Trump’s 2 Macdonald’s big mac daily meals, his 10 diet-coke drinks per day and I’m exhausted…
    – I’ll say one thing, the blessing in Trump’s being President is that we finally get to see the depths to which the GOP will sink in order to protect their king.
    – Whether it’s being a racist, sexual predator, (possible) traitor to country, thief etc. Good on you Fox News and friends (Breit, RT etc). The tax bill was passed by 51 to 49 without A SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTER saying anything about it. Well done.

  • HTTRskins21 2 years ago

    Blind hypocrisy…… These people have always been, and will continue to be, the people who directly lead to the collapse of “their” own civilization… and they will blame everyone else as it burns.

  • Kim Jong Fun 2 years ago

    No Stephen, I speak fluent Russian and your translation is totally wrong. Roy Moore was actually saying “Hey, you are so pretty, wanna go have some ice cream with me in my van?” I guess it must be his pick up line to hit on Russian immigrant teenage girls at malls.

  • Fuck You 2 years ago

    How fitting that comrade Trump is endorsing Roy Moore – another republican who is willing to throw America under the bus in order to defend mother Russia. Party of patriotism my ass! Party of traitors is more like it.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    In his defense, Roy learned Russian because there’s this really cute Siberian immigrant in his neighborhood selling Girl Scout cookies.

  • NARUHOTEL 2 years ago

    If you vote for Roy Moore you deserve to get violated by an old man.

  • pikachu thetoughone 2 years ago

    Obama didn’t bitch a word when russian invaded Ukraine. real treason.

  • Ap_26 2 years ago

    It’s funny how republicans / “Nationalist” claim to be the most patriotic and are the biggest traitors

  • NiMkoTlaGi 2 years ago

    “We promote a lot of bad things”
    That actually started like a legitimately good argument

    buuuuuuut nah

  • boonlincoln 2 years ago

    Monologue Order:
    1. Terrorists, You Can’t Make The NYC Commute Any Worse
    2. Roy Moore Loves Putin Just As Much As Trump
    3. Trump Called His Sexual Assault Accuser The ‘C-Word’

  • BladeWinters 2 years ago

    Oh for goodness sake, can you be anymore suspicious and creepy

  • TheRealBeatMaster 2 years ago

    I thought Moore would provide some self conscious criticism about US policies just for him to say the bad thing they promote is marriage for everyone.

  • gokinsmen 2 years ago

    It’s not just Trump that’s a Russian pawn. At least half the GOP is Putin’s complicit cock-holster. #ProsecuteAndExecute these treasonous motherfuckers.

  • Elvin Eliasson 2 years ago

    Tongue achieve application softly success logic opposite administration desert assumption reflection.

  • SilkSatin Paradise 2 years ago

    Putin checked the “automatic renewal” box while subscribing to the presidency back in 1999.

  • Jerrin Thomas 2 years ago

    Really? Of all the bad things America promotes he could only find same sex marriage?

  • Connor Quarmby 2 years ago

    I mean…he did save his countries economy, after the US sanctions and shit, hell, a war almost happened under Obama…I mean several did but that’s not my point. What is it with democrats and trying to go to war with the Russians? Do they know the rest of the world doesn’t want World War 3? Also, why do people complain when North Korea is threatened, they’ve been doing the same thing for FUCKING YEARS but oh noes, never mind us…what 300 million? Oh no, that much smaller population should survive not us! It’s fucking silly. Oh and why do people complain about trump taking the piss out the cunt that does his own hair, seriously you seen that shit?

  • aishx 2 years ago

    Molester Moore asking Pedobear for passwords to jailbait sites


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