Roxane Gay – How to Help People Directly During Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on April 9, 2020

“In a better world, the government would handle it, but we don’t live in a better world.” Roxane Gay discusses why she offered money to strangers on Twitter during coronavirus. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RoxaneGay



  • Jada Holliday 8 months ago

    one time she lightly roasted me on twitter and i have a signed copy of Bad Feminist next to my bed.. i nearly cried 😂

  • Whistleblower 8 months ago

    Her name is kinda gay.
    She has a gay name.
    She is Gay.
    Hello Ma’am, are you Gay?
    Dr. Gay…ICU. DR. Gay…ICU. Dr. Gay, please report to the ICU…Stat!

  • Maxon Dimber 8 months ago

    Why does her name have the word gay in it😅😅

  • crikey8 8 months ago

    Good on you Roxanne! Now Trevor, what are you and other rich night show hosts going to do about this?

  • Sukhpal Kaur Sandhu 8 months ago

    Hats off to you both . You both are doing a great job. Stay blessed and stay strong ,because world needs people like you.🤗

  • Hayu Mark 8 months ago

    Helping ppl make you happy more then anything in the world do anything you can it’s make a difference 🙏

  • Anonymous Passerby 8 months ago

    All you guys should stop making jokes with her name. Its not cool😪

  • Africanqueen #favored 8 months ago

    If I had a dollar for every hood that Trevor owns…..🤔

  • Market Yourself Techniques 8 months ago

    Business people we should also help those who’re in need. It’s very important to help one another…

  • Kianna B 8 months ago

    I love this , however , why does It’s always seem to be a black woman to come save the dang day ?!? 💗🙄💗

  • Zizi Roberts 8 months ago

    Give poor people money.
    I gave a family in Sri Lanka money before I left Sri Lanka 5 weeks ago to fix their roof before monsoon season arrives.
    I am a retired teacher and a breast cancer survivor, not a millionaire.
    Give poor people money. And food.
    I am contributing to food banks, not political campaigns.

  • Abdullah Aziz 8 months ago

    *wHy aRe yOu gAy*

  • Samantha Marie Freeman 8 months ago

    Trevor and Roxane Gay, I propose that the Congress folks ALL have solidarity with the citizens by volunteering to accept as their salary the SAME $1,200 as the rest of the citizenry. THEY are the leaders who should lead by example. That way they can truly understand what everyone else is dealing with.

  • Pedro Lopez 8 months ago

    That haircut is the Mickey Mouse?

  • Dona Stewart 8 months ago

    I recommend giving to a church sponsored program, that you are reasonably sure is legitimate, & then pray for staff, & the recipients served, by the charity.

  • Giselle Juarez 8 months ago

    I feel like maybe youtubers should be donating a portion of their ad revenue, like I get they have to make money too, but for some, they have more than enough to last them..just saying.

  • Jay Dub 8 months ago

    paycheck to paycheck is was a acknowledgement to let you know America is not all that great if the people is actually in this condition. Brochures around the world but it’s all a lie. moderate is fair to say as the democracy has failed also being hypocritical trying to help others around the world do it

  • jay men 8 months ago

    This the the same person who made those stupid comics with she hulk right why the hell is she here, oh and i am just only here because she is a horrid (marvel) writer.

  • blue4me43 8 months ago

    We all know that President Barack Obama is doing what he can during this crisis at moment, he is one who would not openly speak of. All the Blame goes to traitor evil Hitler trump.

  • Knoediss 8 months ago

    Why aren’t we asking Dick Cheny to step up? That 3 Trillion he stole, is still stolen. Just because it was covered up by his orchestration of September 11th, doesn’t make it disappear.


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