Rosetta Stone: Putin Edition

Published on February 23, 2022

They’ll have you speaking like a dictator in no time! #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • B Person 2 years ago

    Of course Putin is very wrong for his words and actions, but the term “Peacekeeper”… he’s not the first to abuse it. Maybe he was inspired by certain murderous western forces.

  • Betty M. 2 years ago

    Is this where Trump learned to twist words? Putin raised him, right?

  • D70 2 years ago

    So as a Late Show, you think this is funny? Wow…….you’re even more out of touch with reality than the rest of the world…..incredible…..

  • Eleonora Formato née Szczepanowski (EllieAdrift) 2 years ago

    If the scenario is as serious as reported outside of the area, then, it feels like it would not be a waste of time for those making military decisions, to ascertain the reality, not from secondary, or tertiary sources … ?

    It sounds like the Ukraine government doesn’t recognise, and therefore doesn’t represent, Russian Ukrainians in those areas … ?

    It sounds like there were peaceful dialogues and agreement, between parties otherwise affected, who, from how it seems, were not signatories or parties to Minsk agreements, and who have now written and signed agreements, with a time limit in place. How, is that not, overall contributing, in part, to deescalation of concerns in the actual area and more broadly, for an organisation like UN?

    In addition though, it seems like it is important not to loose sight of other parties concerns and possible conflict, that might otherwise become as if not heard or recognised, from not also paying attention to a wider multifaceted perspective?

    It seems like a shame that Blinkin cancelled meeting with Lavrov. It sounds like it would have been a good learning opportunity.

  • Kuzz Billington 2 years ago

    A little bit of Crimea in my life
    A little bit of Belarus by my side
    A little bit of Ukraine’s all I need
    A little bit of Donetsk’s what I see
    A little bit of Luhansk in the sun
    A little bit of green men all night long
    A little bit of Trump, here I am
    A little bit of you makes me your man (Ha!)

  • marie kastler 2 years ago

    Yeah, Putin’s wrong, but the US has had “peacekeepers” in many countries that weren’t even on our borders.
    Acknowledgement of our own wrongs would be useful, here, since that’s the provenance Putin is exploiting.

  • Passionate Supporter Of Know More News 2 years ago

    Putin was brought up by Orthodox Rabbis

  • Passionate Supporter Of Know More News 2 years ago

    Even before 911, Putin did a 911 type false flag in his country and blamed Chechens for this

  • Passionate Supporter Of Know More News 2 years ago

    Rabbi Barry Lazar has the ear of Putin. Putin is NOT a savior, NOT a pro-white and NOT a pro-Christian

  • Flame Beats 2 years ago

    Mace Windu: We’re keepers of the peace, not soldiers.

  • LightningwingDragon 2 years ago

    Ah yes, the good old act of defenestration…sorry, I mean journalist exit

  • Passionate Supporter Of Know More News 2 years ago

    Putin shills for BLM too

  • Kyusshead 2 years ago

    How is this guy real!?


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