Ronny Chieng Teaches You About K-Pop | The Daily Show

Published on September 28, 2022

The signature elements of K-Pop? Next level dance choreography and being Asian. Ronny Chieng digs into how K-Pop is used to boost Korea’s cultural profile and economy, and its worldwide impact today. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Gail Seaton Humbert 8 months ago

    That was really fun. Thanks Ronny.

  • Mer Iem 8 months ago

    THANK YOU for doing a full history. Some “kpop fans” today need this leson

  • Joe Quinoezi 8 months ago

    You could blindfold Ronnie Chang with dental floss.

  • Kein Engel 8 months ago

    Actually enrolled in class, because i like the teacher’s sardonic humour.

  • Bill Law 8 months ago

    never even heard of this world famous group (had to google them) at least I know about Trevor Noah and Ronnie Chieng tho

  • Fariha Hossain 8 months ago

    EXO !!

  • Dr Murphy 8 months ago

    Big Bang and EXO can be considered as big bros of BTS since they paved the way to foreign listeners and one of the reason why k-pop wave started to expand. Also the’re many other great groups: Beast, Shinee, Infinite, B.A.P, 2ne1, Block B, 2PM, SNSD, Wonder girls, Vixx, Mamamoo, Nuest.

  • Persephone Astari 8 months ago

    Been a Korean music (and drama) fan since 2003 when I was 18, not just kpop but also Gayageum Instrumental music and other genres. H.O.T, BoA were who got me hooked on Kpop.

  • Changeisgood 8 months ago

    Kpop singers and their community don’t acknowledge the Black influence and their thefts from smaller Black artists.

  • JL 8 months ago

    You’ve done your research. However, there’s a dark side to this industry such as most undergo intense training for 10+ years to even be recruited or cut, cosmetic surgery, low wages, etc.

  • Aronda Jackson 8 months ago

    Loved it but not as much as the kdrama’s.

  • Tom Hendricks 8 months ago

    Yes it is official in music
    The auto tuned era is done
    Fake is over, and real is back!
    Which side are you on?


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