Roger Stone Arrested, Conservatives Cry Police Overreach | The Daily Show

Published on January 28, 2019

Roger Stone is arrested in an early-morning FBI raid, making him the sixth Trump associate to be arrested in the Mueller investigation, and conservatives complain that he was handled too harshly by law enforcement.



  • Darryl Carnell 1 year ago

    What mortician is doing Roger Stones and Donald Trumps make-up? Hire an immigrant to do that, they know orange isn’t a color option! God damn, you cn afford it, and afford to tip, Jesus!

  • Dimetropteryx 1 year ago

    Conservatives are soft on crime.

  • meg143562 1 year ago

    It’s odd because 66 isn’t that old.

  • Nathen Mathews 1 year ago

    The Maga6? I spit out my bong water!

  • Miles Lee 1 year ago

    MAGA= My Associates Got Arrested

  • Akatsuki Gang 1 year ago

    “4th blind mouse” LMFAO, ?????

  • craig bain 1 year ago

    The MAGA 6 lmao

  • Atzhiri Acosta 1 year ago

    Thank you! ??

  • Thomas Buchovecky 1 year ago

    The white male fragility is strong with this one.

  • Song777 1 year ago

    Good show Trevor!!!

  • beril Joseph 1 year ago

    What mike pence who looked like after one drink I’m dead

  • Zach Hatten 1 year ago

    Weird how turning yourself in to the police becomes getting arrested. #FakeNews

  • Danielle Adair 1 year ago

    WTF? Is wrong with his face?

  • Todd Williams 1 year ago

    5:36 trump, when they arrest you, I hope you remember your advice to them…. I hope they take your advice on arrest.

  • memstardust 1 year ago

    Hey Noah, don’t you have a ark or something to work on?

  • RugeR 1 year ago

    Those agents were not even getting paid when they did this raid, they did it on general principle, lol!

  • Baws Nitti 1 year ago

    Legend has it
    Trump has nothing to do with Trump. Actually it’s been more indictments than that
    199 different charges
    35 plead guilty already
    2 just got indicted
    Jared Kushner and Don Jr are next
    Ivanka after that, Trump and Rudy
    They will be talking about this for the next 100 year’s
    Biggest Crime Family in the History of the Modern World
    Melania gonna end up going into hiding because the Trump name will be toxic like Hitler’s

    I bet you $13456324567 dollars you didn’t read that number. You just skipped right over it. You didn’t even realize I put a letter in it. No I didn’t but you went back and looked anyway. ???

    I want my like

  • Johnny Scythe 1 year ago

    Leave no stone unturned!

  • Pitti-Sing 1 year ago

    “.It’s unconsciabe!?”

  • GenericName007 1 year ago

    Well for some perspective they didn’t get aggressive, they knocked on the door he answered and it was an uneventful arrest. That said he’s not completely wrong, do you really need a swat team to arrest this guy? Especially with the charges against him, that’s not shit people go berserk over to the degree you have to call in swat. So they were trying to make a show of it but they didn’t actually do anything once there, like kick down the door or anything it was very civilized as far as arrests go.


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