Robosexuals | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 15, 2020

In a special Valentine’s Day New Rule, Bill explores the latest emerging sexual trend: people who don’t need people – and why it’s bad news for humanity.

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  • Troy Thomas 1 year ago

    This is what happens when you fail to recognize mental illness and instead give them a social media platform.

  • Jeff 725 1 year ago

    “Americans have been bought off and silenced by toys and gizmos. And no one learns to question things.
    ” (George Carlin)

  • Julio Zam 1 year ago

    Whatever happened to going on porn hub rubbing one out , wipe off your belly and go on about your day ? -George Carlin

  • Cool Hand Mark 1 year ago

    When I masterbate, I fantasize about me masterbating!

  • True Indeed 1 year ago

    Bill Maher is so brilliant. Everybody at his table laughs. They are all from different walks of life but can relate to what he says. #AlwaysGoodTimes

  • Maria Colls 1 year ago

    The state of the plant. Maybe we need more of these people. LOL.

  • Kelly Samperi 1 year ago

    Those aren’t robot tits @ 0:46

  • Shreshtha Mani Choudhary 1 year ago

    Best New Rules in some time. Bravo!

  • Bryon Letterman 1 year ago

    Seeing these old ass political talking heads laugh at Bill’s jokes is one of the most cringe things ever.

  • Stuffy McStuff 1 year ago

    but bill that means less babies right?

  • AkJonny1965 1 year ago

    I’ll stick with Rosey Palm and her five sisters.

  • David Curry 1 year ago

    I’m coming to the realization that Maher’s age group created a shitty world for future generations

  • Mark Ferguson 1 year ago

    Few decades from now, there will still be furries … but they won’t be wearing suits. We’ll figure out THAT before curing cancer.

  • Giovanni Magnus 1 year ago

    I can tell this segment was made more for comedy than to make a point.

  • DPowered Smith 1 year ago

    I say let them find love anyway they can, not everyone can do the same as everyone else

  • Mohsen H. 1 year ago

    “Find someone you love and fuck them!”

  • Ganiscol 1 year ago

    I was waiting for the T-800 head to pop up ?

  • Universe Onesong 1 year ago

    Bill: “Find someone you love and f*ck them.”
    My Mom:
    My Dog:
    Me: “It’s a small load … I’ll do it by hand.”

  • lc wash 1 year ago

    good advice bill . anyone out there want to ???….

  • Poemi10304 1 year ago

    Idk, if robots become like Mocomichi Hayami in the Japanese drama Absolute Boyfriend, then I’m all for it!


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