Robert Mueller Repeatedly Declines And Deflects At Congressional Hearing

Published on July 24, 2019

Robert Mueller let his 488-page report do most of the talking at his appearance before Congress today.

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  • Paula Brown-Smith 2 years ago

    Watched hearing and I think Republicans used his age against him. They asked the questions very fast, very long and when he asked to repeat a part of the question, they encompassed his answer to all parts of the question. The wanted him to appear confused. I’m very glad he attended the hearings and that he supported and stood by his report. I applaud his integrity and service. He did make a point about the election meddling and how it is occurring now.  Thank you Mr Mueller for your time..

  • Prad Bitt 2 years ago

    Robert Mueller looks like my late grandfather.
    It’s like he is my grandpa’s secret twin or a clone.
    That’s very strange.
    100% Resemblance.

  • Ian Vonfrank 2 years ago

    I can’t believe no one mentioned this no-context Trump tweet: “TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE”. To be clear, that is a real tweet, with no reason to exist.

  • fenhen 2 years ago

    I didn’t know that Muller could speak.

  • steelerdave2000 2 years ago

    Liberals-Hillary is our savior. She lost and called people deplorable just because they didn’t vote for her. Michael Avenati and a porn star- these are our saviors, they’re going to do it for us! One has to pay attorney fees and the other is a fraud scumbag who stole client money. Mueller- he’s going to do it for us! Crickets. Liberals remind me of the abused woman who always goes back to the abuser, until she dies. Sad , pathetic group.

  • M. Rodrigo Lemus 2 years ago

    And He won’t take the Cannoli ?

  • Sean Sbragia 2 years ago

    Republican’s defense for Trump. “But did you die?”

  • nbbim2012 2 years ago

    Look at that beautiful smile on my savage Stephen’s face, keep going!!!!!! ??????????

  • Roxanne M 2 years ago

    Got it. Do. ?⛓??⛓?

  • Emily S 2 years ago

    Mouth spurs!!! ???

  • American Made 2 years ago

    Colbert is what happens when your mother is also your sister.. What a one-trick Pony….. Trump Trump Trump Trump….. Boring….. The clown riding on Donald Trump’s coattails….. What a loser ?? #blexit #walkaway

  • Rock Smart 2 years ago

    MAGA wining wining wining!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mephitica 2 years ago

    I just hope the democrats in congress and in the other committees go ahead with impeachment proceedings. They have enough reason to and I have a feeling if they don’t, there’s a high chance Trump will be re-elected. Russia is already prepping to interfere again. It’s better to remove Trump when they can, then let him hide behind the office for another four years.

  • Pick Hard 2 years ago


  • Jennifer Coleman 2 years ago

    Mueller is afraid of telling the truth. That’s obvious. Putin can have him killed at ant moment just like he has so many killed that are against him. And remember the pipe bombs that were sent to democrats. So there is serious reason to worry

  • Crystal Smith 2 years ago

    “Mouthspurs” ?????, so sad, so true

  • J K 2 years ago

    You know, a DOJ guideline isn’t the same as a court ruling. Just give inditing him a shot! What’s the worst that can happen? Every court up until the Supreme Court will rule that you CAN indict him. That’ll ruin his sleep for a while anyhow. And, at best, we may get rid of the criminal in chief.

  • bryan thomas 2 years ago

    Mueller is a republican like me, a real republican!!! And I watch this show ever night, Trump is not a republican and everyone that supports him is a disgrace to my party.

  • Dante Monte 2 years ago

    Mouth Spurs! Makes sense!

  • Stoodmuffin Personal 2 years ago

    The only thing I agree with Trump on is, this should be done already. But it’s only BECAUSE HE SHOULD BE IN PRISON.


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