Robert De Niro Introduced Martin Scorsese to The Irishman’s Source Material

Published on December 18, 2019

Robert De Niro talks about The Irishman, his history with Joe Pesci and playing a younger character in the film.

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  • JOKER MARINO 9 months ago


    The greatest actor live!

  • Tooba Tr 9 months ago

    Just goes to show that De Niro can be actually chatty when he likes the interviewer and likes the project he’s plugging. He’s really interesting to listen to, and he’s very thoughful about acting and also working in general.

  • D Jay 9 months ago

    Ahh good to see you as always Mr De Niro, unfortunately you did not “get the physical stuff”.

  • New Message 9 months ago

    My brother in law is a house painter, and we’ve been driving him crazy insinuating he’s a hit man whenever it comes up.

    And we make sure it comes up every chance we get.

  • C0nstant1n 9 months ago

    Most overrated film ever

  • Alexander Gavrylyuk 9 months ago

    Is that Italian or NY accent?

  • supershinigami1 9 months ago

    Lol read the books.
    Only the books are canon.
    The books are better.

  • Tony Stromboli 9 months ago

    This man is an inspiration and truly deserves and award for best actor of all time. (If there was such a thing).

  • jennifer dolson 9 months ago

    He is a very smart man and does such interesting projects. Another living legend.


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