Rob McElhenney Wanted To Look Like Brad Pitt In “Fight Club” – CONAN on TBS

Published on February 25, 2020

CONAN Highlight: Unfortunately, Rob’s trainer could only help him look like Brad Pitt from the neck down.

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  • clay kam 1 month ago


  • dothedeed 1 month ago

    Is that what a man looks like?

  • voteZDLR 1 month ago

    Brad Pitt’s weight in Fight Club is unrealistic and unsustainable. 2% or less body fat at any given time. I remember I wanted to try to go for that body as well but then I found out that thematically in that movie they wanted Tyler Durden to preach this anarchistic, hypocritical message to all these “forgotten men” who end up being his “space monkeys” but he represents the IDEAL. The IMPOSSIBLE. The UNREALISTIC. I think you can get CLOSE to his body in the movie but his physique in that film was part of the point of the movie to begin with. Tyler Durden was a hypocrite. He was telling all these people to reject “perfection” and to reject “idealism” and all these other things while simultaneously BEING those things at the same time. And being the villain of the film. First time since Jekyll/Hyde where the main character is the protagonist as well as the villain lol.

    But no, to get the exact lean body he had in Fight Club, that’s unhealthy ratios of body fat to muscle.

  • note importa 1 month ago

    Every bum actor is taking steroids and ruining the personal trainer game

  • El güero 1 month ago

    The bodyguard secret is crowtein obviously

  • MasterZM10 1 month ago

    Fat Mac is one of my favorite things. His dedication is almost unmatched. ADMIRABLE

  • Jonathan Gomez 1 month ago

    As soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew all the girls were gonna go “wooooooooo” when they saw they picture 😹

  • CloisForever29 1 month ago

    Always had a crush on Rob💕

  • David Kymdell 1 month ago

    I’m just waiting for him to say that all he ate for 6 months was eat brown rice, broccoli and broiled chicken breasts and trained 3 times a day for two hours, 7 days a week.

  • robin o rhys rhys 1 month ago

    I once envied that Brad Pitt body, and got it after tremendous training and endurance – felt like I achieved everything. Then realized it didn’t count much. I sort of wasted it, although now there is still a faint look of it and never faded completely. The trait remained.

  • Jasper DiLincoln 1 month ago


  • DAMAGE INC. 1 month ago

    Soon he will be staring in “where are they now” … he was the least funny of them all .

  • Anastasios Pesiridis 1 month ago

    Melted ice-cream sounds disgusting

  • Hybred 1 month ago

    I understand getting in or out of shape for a movie but for one episode on a tv show? Hell sometimes even just for one scene. That’s insane

  • First Last 1 month ago

    Brad is over 50 years old. I am just a few months into 30. I’d like to consider myself a pretty good looking guy, clearly no self esteem problems…but I would not leave my girl alone in a room with 50+ year old Brad. I know I can’t compete >:o

  • R 1 month ago

    I think that he could have played geralt from witcher

  • GRAPHIC J 1 month ago

    Rob’s beard makes him look like someone from the 1890’s

  • MYdodgeCharger 1 month ago

    I’d take him over brad Pitt or Channing Tatum.

  • Jim Gillespie 1 month ago

    Rob seems like a very easy person to interview. Such a fan of everything he does, especially Law and Order.

  • Edward Kalif 1 month ago

    In all seriousness, how would you begin to get a body close to Brad Pitt’s assuming you have normal weight and muscle definition


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