Rob Lowe On His Travel Bucket List – “Literally! With Rob Lowe”

Published on April 7, 2021

Rob shares the most “unexpectedly wonderful” place he’s ever visited and what destination is next on his travel bucket list. Submit your questions for Rob on the Lowe Down Line @ (323) 570-4551. With Rob Lowe” @

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  • Mr HILARIOUS 2 weeks ago

    😂Man: l have sinned and I need a confession.
    😂Pastor: say exactly what you did so that your sin will be forgiven.
    Man:I committed fornication with several church females.
    Pastor: Say their names and the numbers of times you had sex with them.
    Man(Sobbing)Iam ashamed! I can’t talk.
    Pastor:Okay, let’s do it this way, after service wait at the entrance and when you see the females that you slept with, just say’pap”and if it’s two times, say , ‘pap”pap”, and so on. So after service, a girl Chichi passes by them wiggling her hips and the man says, ‘pap”pap”.
    Pastor:You will be forgiven.
    Then the Deacon’s wife passes carrying a Bible and the man says’pap”pap”pap”.
    Pastor: (calmly)You will be forgiven.
    A choir member passes, singing, and the man says’pap”pap”pap”pap” pap
    Pastor (calmly):You will be forgiven.
    Finally the pastor’s wife passes talking in phone and the man goes like a machine gun, “pap” pap”pap” pap”pap” pap”pap” pap”pap” pap”pap” pap”pap” pap”pap” pap”pap” pap”pap,.
    Pastor (angry)😠😠😠😠: Enough of this nonsense, from today, you are officially cursed. And the man falls n faint.
    Thanks so much for reading my joke,
    If you enjoyed it, Please can you do me a favour, 🙏 please consider to SUBSCRIBE to my channel, I know u are capable. 💛 easy, Kindly touch my profile picture and you will see the three hands pleases 🙏🙏👇👇👇🙏🙏see the hands 🙏🙏🙏👇👇

  • Its wolfey Here 2 weeks ago


  • Norvell Harris 2 weeks ago

    Why is it when I see him I want chocolate?
    Haha..I respect Rob….

  • LoveTroll 2 weeks ago

    ❝ _If speaking kindly to plants makes them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do_ ❞ #nuturekindness

  • Yashaswi Harsh 2 weeks ago

    Ann Perkins!

  • maria rahel varnhagen 2 weeks ago

    Super Sona !

  • Langosh Besaw 2 weeks ago


  • RobertMStahl 2 weeks ago

    What would you say to Kitty Hawk 21st Century, BrilliantLightPowerInc demo in DC, 02 2021. TravelZ awaiting there?

  • sf49er1998 _ 2 weeks ago

    Probably the worst part about living in California, being so close to so many Hotspots but minimal urge to visit cause its right next door😂😂

  • Rocket Rockinit 2 weeks ago

    I live in Bakersfield California. Time to take my five kids to Yosemite Valley.

  • WD Harris 2 weeks ago

    Atlanta……The Democratic Convention post-hotel fun!

  • Rocio Bany 2 weeks ago

    Thank you !!

  • Cheese Big 2 weeks ago


  • ElaineDGayle 2 weeks ago

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