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  • Leroy Stone 7 months ago

    Yes, current Mayor Pete (I won’t even try to spell his last name) is a really interesting person. He doesn’t get trapped in social media complaints, he could care less whatever name calling routine you try to pull him into…the guy is crazy chilled out. Wouldn’t that be hilarious if he ended up our next president?

  • Tozias Silverfang 7 months ago

    Trevor is correct: Dump’s game is putting on a spectacle for the dumbest of the dumb. Right wingers are so easily amused.

  • Beck V 7 months ago

    tRump has adult ADD. He can’t stay focused on anything, not even when he’s trashing people. He’s hyped up on Coca-Cola caffeine too. Besides, you only see him “energized” in rallies, the rest of the time he’s resting on his golden toilet with his cell and TV’s. He walks like his weight drags him down.

  • Fabulous Jiji 7 months ago

    Noah is for real comedy

  • deadprecedents1 7 months ago

    God I miss Jon Stewart

  • Fabulous Jiji 7 months ago

    Trump is aiming for the finish line ok

  • Glenn Welsh 7 months ago

    I think if you’re going to beat Trump in 2020, then you have to outroast Trump, but also counter him with facts. Bring up how he wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare, but had no real plan to do it, and how there’s STILL no replacement for it. Roast him for how he said he’d never go golfing but has went on more golf breaks than any previous president EVER. Roast him about how he said he knew nothing about paying off Stormi Daniels when he clearly did, and his own lawyer fessed up to it and directly implicated him. Roast him about how he said he was hiring “the best people” for his administration yet there have been more firings, resignations, and criminal convictions than any previous administration. Roast the man who “wrote” the book “The Art of The Deal” for claiming that he’d get Mexico to pay for the border wall when they clearly wouldn’t, and then shutting down the government and forcing federal workers to go without pay – essentially holding their paychecks hostage – as a means of coercing Congress to approve the funding for it. Use every fucking lie he’s told against him. If you’re gonna win over all the people who voted for Trump because “he tells it like it is”, then you have to do the same and go after him. If you “take the high road” and don’t stand up to him, you’re just gonna look like every spineless, wimpy career politician who has come before and end up losing. Trump is a bully, and often you have to punch the bully in the nose to get him to stop. Frame the 2020 election as his Job Performance Review. See, Trump has never worked FOR anyone before. He’s always been the boss, the guy other people work for. So he’s never had anyone to answer to, he’s never had a boss to review his work performance, something most of us average Americans have to be subjected to all the time. But when you’re the president, you’re not the CEO of America. You work FOR the American people. THEY are your bosses, and now your job performance is being reviewed to see if you still deserve to have the position. Do the American people think that the constant lies, the constant controversies, and the constant administration turnaround make him deserving of another term? Make them think NO and then say NO at the polls.

  • Philip K 7 months ago

    Trump is definitely a different animal between when he’s in front of a live audience and when he has to sit in front of a person or a council and do work.

    When he’s in front of a cheering audience, it feeds his ego, so he can just keep going and going.
    But when he actually has to have a quiet and direct conversation, all that momentum vanishes. He always looks like he’s constantly sidestepped or distracted by the simplest questions and he appears like he’s desperately trying to escape.

  • Amy Zhao 7 months ago

    Trump is not crazy and powerful to put the tariffs to the China. He is just a four years term president. He is not a king of United States. If the government not support him, they could pull him off the chair with any reason.He is just a right person( maybe old enough ?) to carry this ridiculous plane. He shows something wrong with America. We should have our own manufacturing. But it takes decade to make it, not by Ask or Force the brands to run factories in US.
    Trade war definitely hurt China. American pay it. Many small business will close. Inflation will continue to effect your live quality, your saving’s purchase power.
    Some people say, the American companies could import their goods from other countries. We could not buy the product Made in China.
    If you say so, first you definitely doesn’t do any global trade with China; second you have no idea what a global manufacturer means——skill workers, high education officers, Fxcking expensive equipments, shipping chains(land, sea,air),global hight stander inspection center, various raw material and parts supplies… the most important thing “ innumerable patented technologies”.
    If you still have a mindset China make cheap plastic products, check your phone, computer, car, wash machine, TV, refrigerator, stainless cookware, hard tools, famous brand clothes…

  • Ali Alahmad 7 months ago

    guys I know u hare trump but u have to exept that he won fair and he is doing what he said he would why are u all so mad just don’t vote for him next turn

  • Global Atheist 7 months ago

    Trumps never going to get tired because he’s on Aderal

  • Asa Coe 7 months ago

    No one can roast Trump better than himself. He is the definition of a KAKISTOCRACY with heavy hints of fascism.

  • Donald J. Trump 7 months ago


  • dodgeplow 7 months ago

    Good advice I was given in the past would apply here: never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  • bite me 7 months ago

    Adderal is his secret look it up

  • aleprbla 7 months ago

    Wallace: What do you do about the tweets?

    Buttigieg: The tweets are….. I don’t care.

  • Emmanuel Leonard 7 months ago

    People want to see a fight and be entertained. If Joe Biden can out do Donald Trump at Trumps game, Biden will win.

  • aESTheTiC 7 months ago

    Ok YouTube will please stop pushing this show through??? I live in EASTERN EUROPE.

  • toshir0m1 7 months ago

    Trump is not good at roasting people. He’s not even mediocre. He’s AWFULLY, PAINFULLY bad at it. Imagine him on a stage facing……. Jon Stewart? Dave Chapelle? Joe Rogan? List could go on for a fucking week. To be good at roasting, you must be a quick thinker, have an EXCELLENT grasp at language, be cultured enough and know your audience well…. WHERE ON EARTH did you ever ever read/heard anything witty/funny from the guy? oO

  • Dave Dee 7 months ago

    I figured this out at the end of 2015. It’s sooo nice when the rest of the world catches up to me.
    I wonder when everybody else will adopt my education policy.


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