RNC Night 2: Melania Trump endorses fictional version of Donald

Published on August 26, 2020

The Tooning Out Election 2020 panel welcomes CNN’s Jim Sciutto for special coverage of RNC night two’s speeches from Eric Trump and First Lady Melania. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 8/26/2020

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  • Nick Degtoff 3 years ago

    Soon As Trump loses this election Melania well leave him divorce him and sell her book

  • PussyGalore 3 years ago

    Trump does the same thing to women he’s done to our country. We’ve been backdoor mushroomed.

  • Robbie Hart 3 years ago

    “…half-hearted damage control…” LOL

  • Nick Degtoff 3 years ago

    Remember the Republicans call themselves the Moral Majority what super Hippocrates the irony of the Republicans

  • Anastasia Schenkel 3 years ago

    Yeah this is waaaay more accurate than Fox.

  • Leda Cedar 3 years ago

    Melanie dressed in some high fashion yet, MILTARY outfit, folks. did yah notice the signalling of Heir Drumpf and his Neo Nazi state military/death squad? She slaps his hand away & refuses to hold his groping tiny hand while he fishes and gropes her arm like th oh s slimy Alien lizard he is.

  • Wise I 3 years ago

    Oh Eric! So debonnaire, and Kimberly, my gosh – do you sing Operatic Arias?

  • J Russ 3 years ago

    Couldn’t watch the heinous self serving liars if my life depended on it! Biden / Harris 2020 for we the people not just the 1%

  • PJ Tippett 3 years ago

    “A champion of woman”? Where? How? Resource please.

  • Cece 3 years ago

    “If you tell him it can’t be done (that it’s illegal), he just works harder (to break the law).”
    “These are folks who follow their father’s lead (con, steal, cheat… repeat) and do so proudly.”

  • J G 3 years ago

    As a naturalized citizen I would have never sold myself to the devil and insult my whole community to be a prop for Donald trumpendejo

  • kimberley williams 3 years ago

    Press organiser off to the side: *ok now Melania, say it like you mean it, say it like we stole it from Michelle Obama* *_Hand Gestures_* *aaaand Go*

  • SHINDI Grewal 3 years ago

    Eric is fighting for to loot more money out of Kids Cancer Charity funds. Shame on all Trump family.

  • Rose Mandujano 3 years ago

    Eric Trump is proud of his morally corrupt and criminally minded father? Obscene.

  • JP Later 3 years ago

    They know they are criminals who have stolen the democracy. There is no way they will give up their current privileges and immunity.


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