Rishi Sunak Selected as U.K. Prime Minister & U.S. Test Scores Drop | The Daily Show

Published on October 25, 2022

Rishi Sunak is named the U.K.’s newest prime minister, U.S. students show a record drop in math scores, climate activists toss mashed potatoes at a Monet painting in Germany, San Francisco officials want to spend almost $2 million on a public toilet, Xi Jinping wins an unprecedented third term in office, and New Yorkers boo Ted Cruz at a Yankees game. #DailyShow #Comedy




  • juie shetye 1 year ago

    The biggest point here is that Rishi Sunak represented the conservative Tory party (Britain’s equivalent of Republican party). As a British-Indian, I am enjoying this, all this! 😀 😀

  • Glen Moulon 1 year ago

    You’re so right on the immigrant part of it..
    They try to give all sorts of other excuses why they left the EU..
    Like I do not,, who they think they’re fooling..
    The left the EU for one and only one reason…IMMIGRANTS…
    They’re not at all smart..They forgot what goes around comes back around..

  • Cee Bee 1 year ago

    Why was Cruz there?

  • Artico 1 year ago

    These activists are acting, they was paying for an alt right think tank to confuse people about environmental policy.

  • MLIOGJXNUYAT 1 year ago

    I still think those “activists” are agents provocateurs working to make the actual activists look bad.
    Sunak got off to a very bad start by appointing as Home Secretary a really horrible woman who had resigned less than a week ago for a security breach.

  • ebenezer nkusi 1 year ago

    We will miss you trevor!

  • Philip Levine 1 year ago

    Trevor – you’re the best!!!

  • Rohan Clarke 1 year ago

    The truly rich and powerful of a deep interest in art. Art and Power goes hand in hand

  • Saifuddin saif 1 year ago

    I feel anxiety for being him the PM of UK.
    There must be White person for lead the country.

  • KRYSTAL is SOOJUNG 1 year ago

    that story about public toilet tough…
    it happen exactly the same in my city years ago, the city government built a public toilet (I think it supposed to be 2 door, one male one female) with the budget of 200K USD (around that year money) which is so so expensive considering life’s budget in my city far cheaper then the like of NYC.
    And the twist is that the budget spent ‘wisely’ because the toilet never see the daylight. More like a small unfinished building (like if you ever when to my city and passed it, you would never know that was the building I talked about) than can’t be use as a toilet, at the end of the day is more like a symbol of a corruption and a joke for people in my city

  • RAMAKRISHNA K 1 year ago

    2022-2016 = 6

  • Stavros Georgiades 1 year ago

    British Democracy: Second Prime Minister NOT VOTED BY THE PEOPLE!!!!

  • Big Kush 1 year ago

    Let’s go Astros but one thing that New Yorkers people from Texas having common it’s the hate for Ted Cruz…

  • Senovitj 1 year ago

    Who will be the next PM of the UK in 45 days?

    This is not a joke on Rishi Rich, but the Conservatives imploding.

  • Cee Bee 1 year ago

    He will make it to 42.5 yrs old. Richest guy in country.

  • HOPE SOLOMON 1 year ago

    Britain’s suffering just started for all their wickedness in Nigeria. Economic downturn will continue to plague them.


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