Right Wing Crazies Gather to Praise Trump, Santos’ Lies Hit New Heights & MTG Wants National Divorce

Published on March 2, 2023

Easter is a month away and if you are looking to do better than a basket full of plastic grass there is a new gift item available, far-right wingers have gathered at CPAC in praise of their lord and savior Donald Trump, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana has decided to take his hilarious act on the road, Don Jr. has been lashing out at any Republican who tries to challenge Daddy Don, Mike Pence appears to be distancing himself even further from his former boss, the White House unveiled President Biden’s new Cyber Security plan, George Santos is under official investigation by the House Ethics Committee, rumors continue to swirl about the identity of his new campaign treasurer Andrew Olsen, Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for a national divorce, the automaker Ford considered building self-driving cars that can repossess themselves, and we venture out on to Hollywood Boulevard to ask pedestrians what the last book they read was.

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  • ron nelson 1 year ago

    *People aren’t reading books yet republicans are banning books, sound about right from a man who told their voters “i like uneducated”*

  • SteezyRen 1 year ago

    We all saw that video of you big bro.

  • Jim Wheeler 1 year ago

    Hey MTG, isn’t God quoted in your Bible as saying “I hate divorce’ and here you are promoting it on a national level? Try reading that book some time and see what it says about a lot of your other behavior as well. Good grief.

  • surefire88 1 year ago

    kennedy, that was funny, he deserves it, he is a real jerk. , and marjorie , ungly inside and out, embarrassment to the country.

  • Elena Gorrow 1 year ago

    Sure but the blue states are not willing to pay alimony.

  • MOON CAT 1 year ago

    Jimmy, remember that party

  • Carson M 1 year ago

    Oh dear, I fear that gentleman at the end may have been encountering a language barrier. Still made for a great bit.

  • Con Von 1 year ago

    The Tucker Carlson rant tonight generated some truly frightening comments–about what needs to be done: “War” , “Let’s roll” the 2nd amendment gives us the right . . .etc., and more along those lines. He was especially vitriolic and snide. I’m thinking maybe a bunker in the basement isn’t such a far fetched idea anymore.

  • Mike Ellis 1 year ago

    Santos just filled out an application at Fox.

  • Hartshut 1 year ago

    What do you get when you cut funding for education? MTG!

  • David Brandenburg 1 year ago

    and I thought America only wrote songs!

  • Cathy Westholt 1 year ago

    We just need to divorce MTG and tell her she needs to go find another place to live.

  • Robert Mcada 1 year ago

    Illiterate America is not funny,maybe this is why Q exists.and donald trump was our only illiterate president, and when why Facism exists today.


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