Ricky Gervais Foresaw Trump’s Coronavirus Bleach Controversy

Published on May 5, 2020

Ricky Gervais talks about how he’s handling quarantining during COVID-19, the future of his live comedy shows and his prescient tweet about drinking bleach.

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  • L D 12 months ago

    What’s with audio!? I love Ricky

  • Mich W 12 months ago

    What is that little door behind Seth, is it a portal to another world where trump is not president 😳👍

  • DAILY BEAST 12 months ago

    *finally. Love After Life 2, simply brilliant.*

  • Marius Thefaker 12 months ago

    I wonder if I even qualify for an afterlife since I quite obviously don’t have a life…

  • VicenzoV 12 months ago

    Do you “Comedians” realize there are other things going on in this world besides all the insane s*** Trump does or says? If the things he says is funnier than what you have to say about him, something is going very wrong.

  • waynereardon 12 months ago

    That video has worse audio lag than an 80s porno

  • England Calling 12 months ago

    As I’m sure Ricky would say, modesty is only one of his great attributes.

  • steven Kombolis 12 months ago

    That would be annoying to get knocked off the #1 trending spot because of something idiotic Trump said. If it’s any consolation to Ricky I’m sure it’s happened to others. Trump is an endless stream of nonsense

  • Mats K 12 months ago

    “Don’t drink bleach. Inject it! What have you got to lose?” Man, 2016 was an innocent year… When the bleach drinkers weren’t presidents (suggesting injection of disinfectant!).

  • Sophie Peraaud 12 months ago

    Still waiting for DUMPY and his Family to INJECT THE LYSOL.

  • Pierre 12 months ago

    An Afterlife without Trump would be a dream. Vote him out, lock him up.

  • HYPER O 12 months ago

    He didn’t just foresee the bleach thing, he foresaw the presidency.

  • Geoff Fleming 12 months ago

    You can’t video conference with Gervais, his connection’s always dropping. His house is a GD Faraday cage of golden idols…

  • Richard Russell 12 months ago

    I’m sorry….I didn’t hear a single word from “Ricky” about trumps virus when he was telling Americas stars to shut up and sit down???

  • James Viice 12 months ago

    this pandemic is over… .5% of people of the overall population dies from this virus according to anti-body studies know matter where they might stage there lives … Shakespeare said it

  • SimoneJStogrin 12 months ago

    The least funny British apparent comedian. He is as funny as drowning in wallpaper paste.

  • reid ob 12 months ago

    why is Ricky 4:3

  • Jan Swede 12 months ago

    Wait for it.. the stable genius soon to announce swallowing a band aid as a treatment for gastric ulcer.

  • jenny flood 12 months ago

    A complete media blackout on Trump and his lies, nearing the election, watch his withdrawal symptoms.


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