Rick Wilson – Being an Anti-Trump Conservative and “Running Against the Devil” | The Daily Show

Published on January 21, 2020

Former GOP strategist Rick Wilson shares why he believes Donald Trump has destroyed the Republican Party and offers Democrats campaign advice in his book “Running Against the Devil.” #TheDailyShow #RickWilson #RunningAgainstTheDevil



  • Russell Graves 3 years ago

    The only way we could fix everything is if we get rid of re-elections. Everybody should just serve one term and never have the greed of re-election in their mind.

  • genium me 3 years ago

    any politician who would give me the slightest vibe that he has this kind of view would never ever receive my vote. I strongly think that the voter group he appeals to is not the same Warren or Sanders would appeal to. Some people vote based on vague ideas and feelings (often hate) and some on numbers facts and plans. Pete for me is a clear No simply cause his actual plans are non existent. The one who wins the numbers game gets a vote, not everyone puts up a fake ideology just to get elected. and those who do should be removed right away – if provable by law i think.

  • Nhan Ha 3 years ago

    Wow a smart conservative. Hard to find

  • Aslan 3 years ago

    3:05 Did this guy really talk about how the GOP took control of America and didn’t even mention gerrymandering? He likes to imagine that the GOP is winning fair and square. Fucking bullshit.

  • Ryan Yoo 3 years ago

    trump is making a joke out of the white house. never before has the white house been laughed at. even kids laugh when they see that face lmao
    people have no respect for the president lol

  • daveapplemotors 3 years ago

    I just registered as a Republican to fuck with them at the caucuses and primaries. I can vote against Cory Gardner TWICE. And tRump should he make the ticket…
    I am totally with Rick on his tenets.

  • Truth Hurts 3 years ago

    This man is a pure machiavellian.

  • Dexter Morgan 3 years ago

    lol ? honest interview made my day.

  • No Dogma Mama 3 years ago

    It just shows that Republicans are full of shit. Progressives actually care about policy & facts & while we have the majority of the country, conservatives do a good job at minority rule.
    I don’t want to just lie & demagogue like gross conservatives.

  • Billy Hoyle 3 years ago

    I’m a Progressive but I also believe in limited Government. I don’t want Government in my bedroom or mixed up with religion. I don’t want them in control over our bodies or what we put in our bodies. Where we need Government is where they can do what’s best for the lives of it’s citizens. Healthcare and Education should be basic rights for the citizens of this country. It’s completely possible and necessary to achieve and it should’ve been done a long time ago. Trump likes to cry about how past Presidents didn’t do this or that when they had a chance, well he has a chance to do something great for America now. Unfortunately he’s not a real President. He’s what he thinks a President is supposed to be. He’s not qualified for the job and he hates doing the job. He golfs more than he works and he campaigns more than he golfs. That’s not what a President is supposed to do. I’ve read books about Adams and Jefferson and they agonized over every decision they made. They were constantly thinking about how and why something would be best for our country. They never bragged about their victories and never deflected blame for their failures. Trump never admits failures and celebrates every victory, even the ones he makes up in his head. We need to get back to voting for people that only care about this country and it’s people. Why should the richest country in the world have the highest number of people in jail? Why do we have homelessness, hunger and gun violence? If you agree that these are problems that this country has and can fix, than you should vote for the person with the plans and know-how to get it done. Bernie Sanders is the only one that has all the qualifications to get this done. Vote for Bernie or get ready for the same old thing.

  • Taktwo2 3 years ago

    So brave. Has advocated for the very same policies Trump has implemented for decades and pretends to be a different breed because he doesn’t like how he acts on Twitter. Trevor chooses to sanitize people like this instead of pushing back on their “sensible conservative” media tour grift.

  • Euler Costa 3 years ago


  • Paul Scheuer 3 years ago

    Fuck this guy and the horse he rode in on. He and people like him created the monster in the White House. Fix your fucking party, scumbag!

  • daryl H 3 years ago

    “animated priest of excrement” !!!

  • R3I 3 years ago

    “Democrats play to win an argument. I play to win an election. I don’t care how I get to the finish line”
    Oh we’re screwed. Isn’t it better for the society to make informed choices rather than keep touting this “me me me” sentiment…
    Being true to the voters isn’t “a trap”. What sort of results do you think we get with promoting this line of thinking? Look no further than the white house and the clown fiesta that followed.

  • nou yang 3 years ago

    Wow this guy don’t even care about America. They only care about their party, no wonder we have an idiot in office now

  • seanspawn 3 years ago

    Rick sounds like a woke joke. Fuck off if you’re against progression.

  • Star Cherry 3 years ago

    The Republican Party has been like this for a while, Donald Trump just doesn’t try to hide it

  • Maxmartin 3 years ago

    What Mr. Wilson failed to mention was the base of the GOP was always low-info, easy to manipulate voters. Conservative media whipped them into a frenzy with LIES about Obama crimes, Clinton crimes etc. When nothing happened to those Dems, the base revolted against the party. Then came Trump to scoop them up with his racist birther and “lock her up” bullshit. The base was always a cult looking for a leader. ???


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