Richard Reeves: Of Boys and Men | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on November 4, 2022

Brooking Institution Fellow and author Richard Reeves joins Bill to discuss the struggles facing modern males and what can be done about it.

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  • simon colton 1 year ago

    So when women were not succeeding in education. It was mens fault. Now that men are not succeeding. It’s still mens fault.

  • The Jazzman 1 year ago

    Well that got awkward at the end….

  • Richard Patik 1 year ago

    We had Ms. Smith in 6th Grade English. She was a gorgeous blonde in her early 20s who would sit on the front of her desk in short skirts while teaching. This was in 1971. She drove us all crazy. Unforgettable.

  • Dina Afkhampour 1 year ago

    I don’t get this guy. He says boys are essentially operating in an inhospitable environment to them? So now we have to change the classroom to accommodate kids that can’t sit still and plan for the future? Aren’t those ‘skills’ you need in order to develop into a full functioning adult? I think we should look at how parenting boys has changed instead of this mumbo jumbo. Girls excelling should not mean boys lagging behind. I see parents that let their boys go on pornhub. Maybe thats the problem?

  • 1 year ago

    “the beginning of bonerville!”

  • EmpireGuy91 1 year ago

    The sort of crowd who will actively cheer for men to fail or lose. Truly wild.

  • PCBacklash _ 1 year ago

    All academic concerns aside, I’m not sure I agree with Bill when it comes to paying more “attention” to an extremely attractive teacher. My seventh-grade Spanish instructor, a sultry and voluptuous Puerto Rican lady married to the football coach, was so distracting that I barely remember two words of Spanish to this day.

  • Joe Boe 1 year ago

    Bullshit Author talks about boys and men and says especially black and working class boys and men? 4 days before election and scare gullible people 🙂 why? because if democrats hold the house and expand senate majority, they will tax the rich and Bill and this lunatic Author have to pay more taxes

  • Hope Evans 1 year ago

    I’m agreeing with Bill on this one. Boys haven’t changed. Expectations of behavior and parental responsibility of teaching and reinforcing those expectations has. Additionally, technology has changed attention spans. Boys and Girls.

  • Markus Huguenin 1 year ago

    Lmao: guest comes on explaining an issue with concrete ideas on how to fix things and Maher goes straight to sexism, and the crowd busts out laughing, lol. I don’t really care… I just love a good dose of hypocrisy.

  • OriginalNuckChorris 1 year ago

    3:10 What are those blithering idiots applauding to?

  • Devam Jani 1 year ago

    I hope he also researches why current STEM field education system doesn’t fit women and what are the solutions for it.

  • scotti pippen 1 year ago

    “Thank you..”lmao.


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