Rhode Island Teens Fight for Civics Education | The Daily Show



  • inside speachless 3 years ago

    LOVE that young white kid.

  • Mister Itchy 3 years ago

    It would be funny if Jaboukie made that shot on the first take and had to re-shoot it.

  • Nestor Avila 3 years ago

    “Boy the shirt not fooling anyone “

  • Ahnobi Ahnobitok 3 years ago

    Who makes these decisions anyway? Who decides what a school can and cannot teach?

  • EverythingisEverything 3 years ago

    Jaboukie actually looks way younger than these students lol
    Yes, that’s my only comment about this video.

  • Wil Webster 3 years ago

    I am 73. I had a Civics/Government teacher in high school who, was NOT openly gay, and looked like Ichabod Crane from the original Disney cartoon, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1949 (crooked nose and all). He got a lot of ridicule and inattention in classes because of his style. It was like the school placed him there to discourage learning about government. So it goes.

  • Tauqeer Hussain 3 years ago

    Started off with an airball

  • sdfkjgh 3 years ago

    0:18 The Lisa Frank binder was a nice touch.  That weird s logo, otoh, is a bit tryhard.

  • tormaid 3 years ago

    As long as civics doesn’t mean teaching “patriotism”…

  • Gina Roland 3 years ago

    In Florida we have a government class that teaches us important supreme court cases the rulings of those cases and the affects it had in america. We learned amendments and our rights and it was required to sign up to vote (if you were able to). Everyday, we discussed political news and by the end of the class we wrote a letter to our house rep or Senate depending on the issue you had and told them something that was a problem in our state or district. All the test for that class were short or long responses and you had to know your stuff. It is crazy to me that, that isnt the norm for the rest of the states.

    (But I did go to an accelerated (earned my associate’s when I graduated high school) school so I’m not sure that is the standard of florida but I do know you have to take half a year of a government to graduate)

  • cmdraftbrn 3 years ago

    “if you’re not privileged. you don’t need to know” -Ruling Caste

  • Daniel Quintero 3 years ago

    Favelas? He went to Brazil?

    Jk, good work out there brother, get the peoples voice out.

  • abhay tyagi 3 years ago

    I’m Indian and when I talk to my American friends, I realize that I know more about US policies than them, which is kinda hilarious 😀

  • Fawoye Ifeoluwa 3 years ago

    “Thank you for teaching me that I am dumb” …lol!

  • Janet Baker 3 years ago

    I know when I was in school I hated my Civics classes but they did teach me something and there were things that I needed to know. Also when I was in school Civics classes were called government classes not civics.
    Why are they not teaching Civics to our children in school they’re not teaching our kids how our government works?
    I did not know that this was happening! But then I don’t have any kids in school anymore. This is disgusting but these kids have to force the school to give them Civics classes!
    Kudos for the kids! Anb absolute bullshit to the fucking schools!
    My God I knew our education system was shit but I didn’t know it was this bad!

  • J C 3 years ago

    I’ll click/watch any video with Jabouki!

  • Jewel Thompson 3 years ago

    My self i never knew, not all american school systems doesn’t not have civics classes or education. So how do they vote? Do they know the roles of Representatives and Senators?

  • Felix Haokip 3 years ago

    I am quite shock they don’t have civics. In India, we generally learn Civics, History and Geography together as Social Studies from Grade 6 till 10.

  • Jennifer Bates 3 years ago

    Hell yeah! Rhode Island! Love my state. Hopefully change can be made to help students.

  • Pfälzerwald Gumby 3 years ago

    Back when dinosaurs ruled, I had at least 5 years of civics while living in the USA. Most students hated it. I loved it and I‘m not even an American. Of course children should learn civics!


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