Revolting Revolutionaries: The Feds Round Up More Jan. 6th Seditionists

Published on November 12, 2021

Some of the dumbest insurrectionists involved in the Jan. 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol are being brought to justice, including realtor Jenna Ryan and the guy known as the “Capitol Rotunda Doobie Smoker.” #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Robert Lowe 11 months ago

    Two entire months? She gets the last laugh not us. I feel dead inside when I see our legal system in action.

  • Gautham Raj 11 months ago

    Conan O’Brien is several times better than this guy .

  • abtheflagman 11 months ago

    2 months? Fuck that capital punishment for Capitol terrorists

  • Joe Blow 11 months ago

    The tech chips are made in China. Our ships are sunk

  • weirdshibainu 11 months ago

    A shameful disgrace by the feds. The protesters didn’t kill anyone, didn’t burn anything, and are held without bail. The feds wont even release the thousands of hours of video….tyrants.

  • Cindy Yeager 11 months ago

    2 months is a slap on the wrist.
    If she were brown or black……
    Clearly this is wrong. She participated in an attempted coup. I call b.s.

  • Handsome Man-Child 11 months ago

    Considering how popular it is to commission artwork from people I could see an artist doing real well in prison.

  • TS 11 months ago

    Stephen’s love for Coach Beard matches everyone’s love who has watched Ted Lasso. Coach Beard is a sweet little cinnamon roll who deserves all the hugs and late-night dance raves with his lady love, Jane.

  • ProjectFlashlight612 11 months ago

    Steve Bannon, fascist, a man barely alive. “Gentlemen, we can indict him.”

  • Charles Mitchell 11 months ago

    except would you buy insurance from that shit if it wasn’t mandated? Looks like someone believes in mandates of lining his own pocket

  • Rocksfir e 11 months ago

    breaking into the capitol is only 2 months? then bragging that you are above the law? still 2 months?
    what a joke our justice system is.

  • Zach Hodge 11 months ago

    the tease of the goldblum without it being uploaded yet *pouts*

  • G55d H555r 11 months ago

    Jenna sounds meek now.

  • perezra89 11 months ago

    Stephen Colbert is happy about white people going to prison 🧐 aren’t you too woke

  • Faux media 11 months ago

    I use to like Stephen Colbert

  • The Archive 11 months ago

    Background Checks and Drug Tests are for Nazis.

  • Ryan Greco 11 months ago

    This shit ain’t funny….. and I love Stephen…. god help us.

  • Daniel Stevens 11 months ago

    2 months in prison for treason? I’m surprised they don’t do it more often XD

  • firefox5926 11 months ago

    0:56 … have they tried … increasing their wages ? mmm thats what i thought ….

  • Reality Check TV 11 months ago

    Colbert you cornball find something better to talk about.. you used to but funny..

  • Lois 11 months ago

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