Retractions: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Published on August 26, 2018

John Oliver sets the record straight about some dubious claims he’s made in the past.

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  • thebookgeek 2 years ago

    His description of YouTube is painfully accurate.

  • Little Kitchen Big Food 2 years ago

    Guess this is better than nothing. Love this show. I can’t stop laughing at this. Busses that F. Bahaha. #nosmallcreator. Would love to see this live. Maybe one day.

  • Kunta Jay 2 years ago

    How many breaks y’all need? Damn

  • Dragonis Prime 2 years ago

    Finally, a video available in Canada.

  • Brian Buehler 2 years ago

    i’m disappointed it’s not a full episode 🙁

  • Chris Daley 2 years ago

    John I’m going to need several coffee enemas to deal with this stress

  • PowahSlap Entertainmint 2 years ago

    This is youtube? I thought this was crunchyroll.

  • Queendom 2 years ago

    I literally just moved from Alaska and I can confirm it is the absolute worst place in the US to live unless you are a white, straight, conservative, Christian man. So you aren’t half wrong

  • ACAB 2 years ago

    He forgot about unhinged conspiracy theories having to do with intergalactic cabals of lizard people trying to Make Domino’s Great Again.
    And one I just watched that claimed that the video game Zelda proves there is a god….

  • sarah noel 2 years ago

    I almost thought he was posting at regular showtime and was going to be spending a whole thirty minutes talking about retractions. :///

  • Izzy SoDope 2 years ago

    I was out on this boat when all of a sudden this huge creature, this giant crustacean from the paleolithic era, comes out of the water and I yelled “What do you want from us monster?!” And the monster bent down and said “I need about tree fiddy”

  • Brad Mitchell 2 years ago

    Hi. So whoever is running the channel of Last Week Tonight, can you please let other countries view all the previous videos that have been uploaded? Just because I’m in a different country, that doesn’t mean me and millions of others shouldn’t be allowed to watch your videos.

  • Jethro Alcantara 2 years ago

    *quietly puts down my bag of Terra chips*

  • TJW595 2 years ago

    He said they would return on Sept. 9th and my mind went “Damn, thats a long wait wtf?” and then it hit me that its already almost September which my mind then repeated in going “WTF?? When did that happen??”

  • Kai Vickers 2 years ago

    I lived in Alaska for the worst year and a half of my life. My experiences while there are epitomized by the Alaskan phrase “You don’t lose your girl, you just lose your turn.”

  • Nate and Noah Try Life 2 years ago

    You’re actually close, but this video is between a compilation of The Office clips from 10 years ago and a video of people dropping iPhones out of a plane onto a 1000 degree fidget spinner.

  • auston rozenberg 2 years ago

    I wonder what he will with his diamond play button

  • j elle 2 years ago

    Wrong. You appear directly between an 8 minute time lapse of some guy seal coating his driveway, and you’ll be followed by Top 15 Biggest Oil Rig Fails, my friend. You dont know me. You don’t know what i watch.

  • Oscar McCormack 2 years ago

    Two semi-serious things to say:

    1: The Youtube channel ‘consumer’ was taken down by AT&T on the basis of copyright infringement. Consumer had previously been uploading all parts of Last Week Tonight that were not uploaded on the main channel. Not only had said channel been in compliance with HBO’s copyright rules, but there had been a knowing acknowledgment of consumer’s activities from Last Week Tonight itself. As of yet, there has been no one to replace him. Some of you may already have read this in other comments. I have been unable to, which brings me to my next point.

    2: Last Week Tonight’s main episodes continue to be unable to be viewed in Canada. Most of the videos of 2018 are blocked for seemingly no reason. As this stands, the only way I am able to watch John Oliver, to support a man and a business that I believe is doing genuine good to the world, is through illegal methods or by buying a cable subscription, which is a relic of an outdated time.

    These may not be important for some, but this man, his team’s talent for journalism and his talent for comedy have been a shining light through tough times for me, and both of these (somewhat) recent developments have saddened me greatly. I want to be able to laugh with this man. AT&T, HBO, please let me.

  • shdw787 2 years ago

    Congrats to Daniel O’Brien, formerly of, who recently got a Staff Writer position on Last Week Tonight!


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