Republicans Try to Dismiss Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look

Published on January 27, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans admitting they will do everything possible to sabotage the Democrats’ agenda while moving quickly to quash the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

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  • Rohit Dubey 3 months ago

    Could please stop showing and talking tucker and other fox news stupid people. You are playing just into their hand.

  • The List of Jericho 3 months ago

    Well if you stop supporting Trump they might let you sell your pillows

  • Crymson Nite 3 months ago

    I have revived atleast 12 notifications that accounts I reported were banned for breaking Twitter guidelines.

    Conservatives break rules and laws, it’s expected.

  • I’m still awake Forever 3 months ago


  • Tom 3 months ago

    Lately, Rand Paul is reminding me of Francis Underwood

  • DeFi Club 3 months ago

    cancel culture is out of hand

  • D.M.E. B.M.F 3 months ago

    The Republicans are so quick to want to move on from Trumps crimes but are still talking about Hillary’s emails.

  • Rocket Rod 3 months ago

    Of course they will; anything to preserve their bank account!!! WHATS TELLING IS THE FACT THERE NEED TO ENDURE THE SHALLOW BEHIND THE TRUTH!!

  • Tonya Brookes 3 months ago

    Liars are so revolting

  • Colin Bainbridge 3 months ago

    Why the hell does TC talk like he’s talking to idiots? Oh snap…

  • Donovan 3 months ago

    Covid-45’s own “Trump” plane is missing one engine and the other is shrink wrapped in white plastic. Basically decommissioned and in need of repair. Like all the things he touches, it turns to useless garbage or ashes.

  • Pale Blue Geek 3 months ago

    Someone please shut off tucker carlsons power and water.

  • Tyler Kochman 3 months ago

    Republicans are the party of insurrection. It is now our duty to donate, volunteer, and work our butts off so that dems can beat the odds and stop them from taking the House and Senate in two years

  • M Love Spring 3 months ago

    What the f….is wrong with fox news People? How can their brain be so damaged?

  • Bryan Reynolds 3 months ago

    Dear Tucker Carlson, supporting fascism is NOT HAVING A DIFFERENT OPINION!

  • russell campbell 3 months ago

    I can only imagine how long it would have taken the Reps and Fox to just move on had the Dems stormed the Capitol.

  • Will.G_87 3 months ago

    For years I was thinking about getting a pillow from the mypillow guy…something told me to hold off.

  • Tayte Holley 3 months ago

    Something is off here. How can Republican Senators not want to convict a President who incited insurrection;.a brazen assault on the US Capital? I’m convinced Trump has incriminating or embarrassing info on all yall!

  • Wilfred Peake 3 months ago

    republicans love capitalism until it starts affecting them negatively


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