Republicans Think Trump Is Unstable, Trump Attacks Press Freedom: A Closer Look

Published on October 11, 2017

Seth Takes a closer look at how President Trump is now fighting with members of his own party who think he’s dangerous, unstable and a threat to national security.

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  • Morty Sanchez 12 months ago

    If there was any justice in the world, Trump would be a manager at Burger King

    Amazing what a rich daddy and a lack of scruples will do for you

  • Hroswith van Wikala 12 months ago

    Hopefully, that thing Trump is going to sign is an executive order naming himself Imperator for life. I’d love to see a dictator get stabbed to death on the Senate floor! Maybe he’ll even bleed out at the foot of Lincoln’s statue, that really would be the icing on the cake😂😂😂

  • Jacob Holmes 12 months ago

    Is it finally reaching the tipping point? It just too a whole year of political blooper reel to finally admit their republican rep was a dangerous, soft-headed, tit? Oh, and all those tax dollars wasted on cocksucking golf is never coming back btw… Yet they continue to struggle in finding a few million dollars for critical infrastructure and college debt relief…

  • Jessie Soul 12 months ago

    Oh really… Trump is unstable… WERE YOU TOO FAR UP TRUMP’S ASS TO NOTICE?!

  • Femari Ly 12 months ago

    I knew “people should look into it’ would be his last line!…

  • Gargamel Smurff 12 months ago

    I love common sense comedy facts hurt when your the moron and chief

  • Timmy Turner 12 months ago

    LMFAO this administration is soon going up in flames but Sarah doing her job good though, she just doesn’t cave in.

  • Wendy Cohen 12 months ago

    We have to impeach Trump. WE have to. There isn’t anybody else gonna do it.

  • troglodite30 12 months ago

    Republicans remove Trump from office??..They will never do it! Why?..Because most of them were in bed with him from the first, and they knew he was dangerously deranged even then!..They would have put Hitler or Stalin..Or Putin into the white house rather than Hillary!..And they know, that if Trump goes..So do they..In droves! Wipeout!..Some Republicans are beginning to have attacks of honesty, not good for a politician!..All this has yet to come to a head!..But when it does..Hoo boy!

  • dumpthe chump 12 months ago

    I always looked forward to watching trumplethinskin’s sycophants as trump melted down, but they’ve mostly seemed to have just slithered away like the snakes that they are.

  • juan cesar bueno 12 months ago

    In some developed countrys having hi taxes is a good sign. Becouse that money goes to Health care, education, etc. Trump puts atention in false ideas that people like to hear

  • yosoyconsuela 12 months ago

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ face looks like it was painted by Picasso in his Cubism period.

  • Robert Melvin 12 months ago

    Trump and Republicans keep telling us we can go across state lines for health insurance. Actually if they got their way, we will need to go to a foreign country for health care. How many pesos for an appendectomy?

  • P W Grey 12 months ago

    If the press couldn’t get away with “just making stuff up”, Faux News would have been off the air years ago…

  • disgusted1 12 months ago

    Folks need to stop picking on Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, when I see one eye looking in one direction and the other eye looking in another direction, I think horrible childhood brain injury.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro 12 months ago

    This is what happens when you put Party before Country. US politics is all about power at all costs, even if it means putting someone you know is irresponsible, unfit and downright incompetent, into a position of power. If he’s on your side, then he’s above criticism.

  • James Harrington 12 months ago

    After you factor in deductions, Japan and the U.K. Have a higher corporate tax than the US.

  • ChannelMath 12 months ago

    kudos, Seth, for schooling these right-wing fools on what an ‘opinion’ is and what a ‘fact’ is !!!!!
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve screamed that at my TV!

  • LOUISE CHACON 12 months ago

    “Not entitled to his own facts.” Isn’t that exactly how Trump does it?

  • Jennifer Burwell 12 months ago

    I can’t believe that not even ONE entrenched Republican has had the balls to come out and say OMG THE PRESIDENT IS NUTS, and that sitting by and letting him act like this is basically treason. I think that if they were from even a mediocre district, they would almost be in line for the next presidency. It only takes ONE!!


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