Republicans Storm Impeachment Hearing After Bombshell Testimony: A Closer Look



  • charles jurgus 3 years ago

    Impeached, removed and tried for treason.

  • David Hughes 3 years ago

    Trump orders the gop to get some balls and rally behind him. This is what they came up with. Pathetic and really weak. In a few months they will realize what fools they made of them selves. His world is falling apart.

  • MrProtoblues 3 years ago

    It looks like the snowflakes came early this year

  • jon 3 years ago

    Didn’t Trudeau’s party also lost the popular vote but still kept the majority of parliament?

  • The Duke 3 years ago

    God I hope he’s kicked out of office soon.

  • MyChilepepper 3 years ago

    These roaches coming out of trump’s woodwork. Lol

  • Daniel M. Clarke 3 years ago

    The Senate will never impeach him. This is more pie in the sky.

  • Earl Gray 3 years ago

    * * *  The following is my response to a foreigner named Gort, who wrote a very kind comment about the MSNBC video concerning the U.S.A. 
    Hello to my foreign friend Gort,  
    As an American citizen I thank you for complimenting the United States of America. It is very reassuring to know that anyone from another country has anything kind to write after the appalling schmendrick ? Trump ? has contaminated our Whitehouse. No American voter possessing an IQ above 50 can be held responsible. Trump actually lost what is known as the popular vote (meaning the majority of voters,) but sadly we utilize an archaic system known as the electoral college that supercedes what most voters desire. I expect  that due to the horror of electing a mentally disturbed, narcissistic, bombastic, unscrupulous,  “kadokhes” (yiddish,) our voting system will demand a complete overhall. Americans utilizing a normal thought process feel as if we are enduring a 4 year root canal, or  we are being led by “Dreyhead” the crazy shrunkenhead on the ‘Knight bus” in the Harry Potter movie “Prisoners of Azkabar.” (though the head was much better looking than Donny)
    “The tradgedy for us is that many foreigners perceive Americans as mean, uncaring, hateful wealthy people, even more so as the result of Trump’s racism, evil, hatred, bigotry, bullying, indifference, ect. towards the rest of the world with the exception of Putin’s Russia. In reality most Americans must work diligently to survive while feeling helpless as our present selfish  corrupt leaders plunder, deceive, and cheat us.                
    With Very Kind Regards,  Dr. Earl Gray
    A very disillusioned Republican in Northwest Pennsylvania, USA

  • mr k 3 years ago

    always low sound on this channel…

  • Mike L 3 years ago

    When i heard that poll a while ago, i learned that i don’t know what impeached means. I thought it meant they’re removed from office.
    So now i’m going on the assumption that its like being fired but having to work the rest of the week.

  • Amy Evans 3 years ago

    J. Lalalalala

  • Fernando Betanzos 3 years ago

    I bet all the people with Trump; could not afford to stay in Any of his Hotels. Too expensive for them. 48%>

  • David Amiel 3 years ago

    Remember when GOPERS and Trump wanted to repeal and replace Ocare? They failed because they lacked the will to embrace details and largely ignored them by just doing their own thing. That’s why the Affordable care act was 2074 pages. And yet these communist behaving conservatives are still clinging onto their ideological aversions. That’s posionous for them and for the people.

  • marie-hélène martel 3 years ago

    Only half the country?! Come on America !

  • Michael Woelk 3 years ago

    They stole my erotica joke, I made that in the comment section of Colbert’s show! (j/k)

  • DekiEritrea Alena 3 years ago

    I want that vowel I’m dead????

  • RedFlag 3 years ago

    This is just grandstanding and witness intimidation.
    The hearings are being held with both Democrats and Republicans in attendance.

  • Stacy Neuman 3 years ago

    Does the constitution still exist?

  • Sean Embry 3 years ago

    Let’s be clear here. The House can vote to exclude members. They should exclude those 2 dozen that crashed the hearing and started fist fights on the House floor.

  • hasoevo 3 years ago

    A caravan of swamp monsters invades and obstructs the impeachment inquiry to commit witness tampering. Who organized this lynch mob ? Isn’t this the same group of republicans who went to the Kremlin to celebrate the 4th of July last year ?


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