Republicans Stick To The Party Line: ‘The President Was Joking’ About China

Published on October 8, 2019

After the President went on live television and appealed to China to investigate Joe Biden, his defenders in the Republican Party insisted Trump was just kidding around. #Colbert #LSSC #Monologue

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  • Derek Savage 8 months ago

    We WILL overthrow the oppressive capitalist establishment that forced us to clean toilets around the country.

  • randall2020 8 months ago

    Such a good trade deal, but “California’s drought-stricken Central Valley churns out 80 percent of the globe’s almonds, and since each nut takes a gallon of water to produce, they account for close to 10 percent of the state’s annual agricultural water use—or more than what the entire population of Los Angeles and San Francisco use in a year.” — New Republic.

    Alfalfa uses 18% of the agricultural water there, represents only 4% of the income, and is almost all used for livestock. Much of it is exported for livestock overseas. Alfalfa farmers pay about $70 an acre-foot, in Los Angeles that same amount of water is worth $1000 per acre-foot.

    None of this is surprising as California’s agricultural land is largely in arid and semi-arid areas. California also produces rice of all things. –Summary from Wiki.

  • Nathalie Dufour 8 months ago

    His zippy is so tiny he can’t find it LMHO !!!!!!!

  • Daniel Kruger 8 months ago

    When they can get so stupid that their excuses are you know he was just joking but this was the very excuse they used in 2016 election

  • josh davis 8 months ago

    Stephen Colbert ears make him look like a hobbit. I say this with love cause i know he is such a big LOTR fan and he did star in the hobbit as a extra character.

  • Joachim Schoder 8 months ago

    You can also impeach a president for handing classified information from allies to US adversaries, for corruption, for violating the emoluments clause (both foreign and domestic), for obstruction of justice, for violating the hatch act, for letting hundred die in Puerto Rico because they didn’t vote for him in the presidential election and while holding him to his own standard: For incompetence

  • Well Read Bull 8 months ago

    Hey Stephen, Trump is not stupid for releasing the transcript, he’s super smart, genius and definitely has a brilliant plan!! You should tell him that more often on your show! (Make sure Stephen sees this!)

  • Mark Ewing 8 months ago

    Trump thinks he’s a comedian? He better not quit his day job. Oh, wait…maybe he should.

  • Rainer Groß 8 months ago

    Germany here:
    *Who the heck got you into this mess of a presidency?*
    Lies, bullying, cheating, voting fraud, invited (!) foreign election interference, attacks on the free press, racism, nepotism, insane levels of corruption, even treason
    *Your fellow Americans?*
    Are they really that stupid?
    And, WHAT, they still don’t get it?

    No, I’ve been following your domestic political developments very closely for several years now.
    The RIGHT isn’t joking.
    After more and more self-enrichment of the political elite, the greedy GOP lawmakers decided that it is time to copy the Russian oligarch model:
    _Let us destroy the pseudo-democratic US two-party-system with gerrymandering and other fraudulent measures and replace it with a real dictatorship under Trump and us as oligarchs._
    _Why not?_
    _If we can all be billionaires, who cares about the US constitution and the American people!_

    Dear American friends!
    Hope you survive this nightmare.
    And please, please have a de-Trump-ification for the whole Trump cult when this is over. Just you prescribed a de-Nazi-fication for the German Nazis after Hitler.
    All the best to you from Germany

  • DesertDaisy Marie 8 months ago

    I thought he was looking for his fly ?

  • D Vo 8 months ago

    What Does Kathy Griffin have to say about this??!!!!

  • Myriam Gapella 8 months ago

    The chosen one CLOWN must RESIGN.?No place in the White House for him.

  • Jay Es 8 months ago

    Trump asks jyna for help

  • MrClairoux 8 months ago

    Zippy stands for ZIP IT !! That’s why he’s been there since the beginning. Best administration ever?

  • Visor Overwatch 8 months ago

    Remember those Russian “Meme” Troll Youtube videos like “Trumpinator”? or that “CNN InfoWars Meme Wars” Those were supposed to be jokes too. Supposed to be.

  • Jarrod Hahn 8 months ago

    “belly up to the Bubba buffet…” God damn…

  • david chan 8 months ago

    japan just got robbed again.. feel sad for japan ?

  • Lynne Jamieson 8 months ago

    Here in the UK there used to be a children’s tv program called Rainbow. One of the characters was a puppet called Zippy, who had a zip for a mouth. When Zippy was rude to people, said things that tried to cause trouble for others or was just downright obnoxious, the zip would be closed so that he couldn’t talk…wouldn’t it be nice if this were a real life option?

  • Lisa Barrett-Smith 8 months ago

    shouldn’t he have known who Zippy was….he was standing right next to him

  • Thomas Thornhill 8 months ago

    If someone took a shot at Trump, would the Republicans accept the “it was a joke defense”?


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