Republicans Run For Cover After Trump’s G-7 Doral Announcement

Published on October 21, 2019

Colluding with foreign governments to influence an election? No problem. Lining your pockets by hosting a global economic summit at your own resort? That is where the President finally lost the backing of GOP lawmakers who typically defend his actions. #Monologue #LSSC #Colbert

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  • ThePlaidman1985 9 months ago

    04:13 geez what an asshole! Been saying that for years now!

  • Jarpi J 9 months ago

    He said the reason to bring soldiers back home is because when mentioned ,a crowd went wild at a rally when he was running for president … like a stand up comedian doing a tryout.

  • Paula Readman 9 months ago

    Stephan, I missed my morning laughed at life madness. I thought you were hiding out until it was over ???

  • Ex Essex 9 months ago

    A demented man spewing an uninterrupted flow of bullshit is what you voted in as president. Now that he’s proved beyond doubt that he’s off his rocker, isn’t there some degree of urgency to remove him?

  • DRJEBP 9 months ago

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic: trump as president or the american people that cannot remove him from office. smh

  • Brandee Easterday 9 months ago

    Oh man his manuchin….??? best ever!

  • Suparna 9 months ago

    He’s back!! Phew!!

  • maxkm5st1 9 months ago

    “Miami international airport, one of the biggest airports in the world, some say it’s the biggest” like what!? Being the biggest airport in the world is not subjective and, it’s not even the biggest airport in FLORIDA. WHO SAYS ITS THE BIGGEST DONALD HOW DOES THIS HELP YOUR POINT

  • Libertarian Jibber Jabber 9 months ago

    Donald Trump jr. receives gifts from his Dad that he bought for his Dad.

  • Douglas K. Young 9 months ago

    One ‘more than anyone, ever’ for Trump: more derogatory nicknames than any human that has ever lived! A programmed Internet ‘bot’ could prove it empirically and easily.

  • Chris Milton 9 months ago

    STEPHEN, Trump should pay you for his new motto, ’cause it fits him to a tee.

  • Amy Bahre 9 months ago

    I was wondering what happened

  • Advancer Films 9 months ago

    Washington was the 1st president there was barely any rules then

  • SuperFrangipani 9 months ago

    Someone get the straight jacket and gag ready for DT.

  • Uphold Sanity 9 months ago

    Kiwi Vacation

  • Robertw 9 months ago

    That compngressman that supported the self dealing must be a total moron course trump is an idiot to give more ammo for impeachment

  • Vaughn Michaud 9 months ago

    Who’s he going to get to go? 2 stores in my town are closing!

  • Nick nack patty wack show 9 months ago

    I have to ask, why is almost your Entire show just about Trump this ,Trump that , oh and your Trump impersonations. It’s kinda pathetic. You got a great show for us tonight huh? I’ll pass!

  • The Straight Path 9 months ago

    Tf have you been? It’s been over 10 days. I have been deprived of my daily jokes dose ever since ????

  • Colette Malette 9 months ago

    All bad PR


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