Republicans Release Attack Ad Against Voting | The Daily Show



  • Mr. Ed's Salami 2 years ago

    Auf Deutsch, ihr MF! Das beliebige Zuschneiden (Gerrymandering) und das 6:3 Besetzen des Obersten Gerichtshofes hat den “Konservativen” [was konservieren die den? Einen long-past-due Status quo?] immer noch keine Mehrheiten beschert? Und der erbärmliche Sturm auf’s Kapitol hat nicht einmal eine antidemokratische Machtergreifung bewerkstelligt? Wie wollen die Reaktionären noch mehr Unrecht bewiesen bekommen, damit sie endlich raffen, dass deren Zeit vorbei ist? Ist fast so, als ob man nach Jahrtausenden der Heterogenität plötzlich behauptet das Homogenität King sei! Schaut euch europäische Geschichte an. Sie ist voll von Austauch/Heterogenität!

  • kat smile 2 years ago

    This is true they been saying this

  • Jeff Frese 2 years ago

    Wait a minute is this from the Lincoln Project? Republicans don’t care about America first, they just care about their money, money, money. They just divide and conquer pitting poor white people against poor people of color.

  • Harry jr 2 years ago

    Is there are any suggestions on how we can stop the corrupt bastards?

  • mcflu 2 years ago

    Imagine thinking Republicans will never win another election because too many people are voting, and not that maybe the GOP is a fucking joke lol

  • Haunted By The Truth 2 years ago

    2045 can’t come soon enough. You can slow down progress but you’ll never stop it. ✊🏽

  • PegasusCoconut 2 years ago

    The sad thing is that if republicans actually released this as an ad, I would not be surprised.

  • Labelle Dujour 2 years ago

    I had to watch it again to comprehend the “Satire” I never did voted republicans and NEVER WILL BE.

  • Lord Rork 2 years ago

    We need to check numbers.
    Could all the fascists raise an arm?
    Oh sh-

  • candycoatedchump 2 years ago

    Wait but if no one votes then there would be no point for elections, therefore biden remains president forever wouldn’t he?

  • Michelle Riviera 2 years ago

    the sad thing is this could air on Fox News and no one would bat an eyelash

  • Joe 2 years ago

    Most GOP supporters would think that’s a real AD

  • Matthew Koch 2 years ago

    This is sadly more accurate than funny. I continually am amazed at how hard conservatives fight for an America that never was as good as they think it was. It’s like they worship the stereotypical conformist 1950’s, not realizing that that was responsible for the Swinging Sixties and “liberals.”

  • zabdelhady 2 years ago

    Is this commercial, serious? Are we expected to laugh or be indignant? Perhaps, we should take a vote to figure it out!

  • Lesego Mohapi 2 years ago if you can , if you cant thanks anyways
    . winter is really coming

  • Mohamed Baradji 2 years ago

    I’m not gonna lie, i thought this was real until I noticed it was Desi speaking 😅. However it’s kinda sad that right wingers did more to restrict voting and ensure that Trump (he still lost tho) would win rather than to try to fight against COVID-19.

  • Z מ 2 years ago

    Wait, was this a real ad or parody? I honestly couldn’t tell.

  • O M 2 years ago

    Of course. They are disgusting

  • Kelvin Crowe 2 years ago

    Fake news.


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