Republicans Refuse to Move On from Donald Trump: A Closer Look

Published on May 13, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party refusing to move on from Trump after he lost the 2020 election by 7 million votes.

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  • cst td 3 years ago

    How Republican Party is still Legal? I mean they sound stupid and dangerous and for sure not democratic! They call a country barely democratic “The land of free” where actually U.S citizens are the most controlled and poor citizens among civilized countries, We know the fake things about U.S that are number one and bla bla when actually when I visit that country I see just poor people everywhere who are screaming if are paying 7$ for a tooth paste in a fancier place! Behind the downtown of every city created to mask the poor comunities who defines America..are people who live day by day until they die! Think about that! If funny when you are proud of something that is not working at all!

  • Tiradentes 1789 3 years ago

    ALL CBs will implement Trump agenda in 20 months, That is funded policy. where have you been.

  • jb888888888 3 years ago

    Was that a Kristy impression? The one who was talking to Jenna.

  • MrSoggyjocks 3 years ago

    At the risk of defending the french, thats how most of the world sees americans.

  • Love Light 3 years ago

    you Are a handsome young man…is that a New Sweden sweater you are sporting… love it just know you are much loved for pics of Major. And I am in no way ashamed that I can’t take my eyes off him.

  • Hulkenbreak 3 years ago

    Idk why but trench coat unsolved mystery Seth works for me.

  • Jeremy Lee 3 years ago

    You know who else refuses to move on from Donald Trump?

    Seth Meyers

  • Ryan "Ducky" Georgieff 3 years ago

    I would watch that show!

  • Melisa Quinn 3 years ago

    I luv this time of day, preparing dinner, “losing /passing it” after ACL & Seth’s monologue. I love u MAN!!

  • Reverend Suchkind 3 years ago

    Republicans, remember, YOUR POTUS – Trump – told you to drink disinfectants.
    We know you didn’t listen. That’s why Trump lost the election.

  • peter blood 3 years ago

    What’s that strap running underneath Clydes’ tie? Is that holding his drug bag because that dude was so high he was hallucinating.

  • Jacob Herter 3 years ago

    If she was getting married to Harry styles Jenna would so be invited

  • CuriousK 3 years ago

    Is Trump more important than the Republican Party?
    Republicans think so.

  • Jeffrey Droog 3 years ago

    Ewww…Ted Cruz is truly the ugliest televangelist.Sorry,but seriously,what makes you look in a mirror Ted and think,”there’s no way I can shave a beard this good looking”…

  • JD Perry 3 years ago

    A nationalist, populist party rooted in conservative values, why does that sound so familiar?

  • luckyDancer100 3 years ago

    I kind of wish we could just stop talking about him. I feel like every-time his name is mentioned, it makes him relevant.

  • Kubla Khan 3 years ago

    Defending the indefensible.

  • gerhard fehr 3 years ago

    All hale Orange Little Finger, His Holy Blightness

  • GenerallyTyler 3 years ago

    You say no sane person could look at that footage and think it’s peaceful. I don’t think anyone sane or otherwise could call it peaceful.

  • Andrew Burke 3 years ago

    AND! He can’t even spell junkie.

  • spy kefal 3 years ago

    Wtf is wrong with americans…..?

  • chiomob 3 years ago

    Free Palestine! Zionism=racism. Stop the Zionist genocide in Gaza.

  • Anne Hurst 3 years ago

    Offs! Tourists?!?!?! Has that guy experienced some sort of break from reality?…oh, right, he’s a Republican (one might even say a psychotic break, which includes: thought disorder: I believe, even with evidence to the contrary, that the election was rigged; fear: I must go along to get along or I’ll get primaried; auditory hallucinations: I hear truth in everything Trump says.) But seriously, what does he think he’s looking at when he looks at the ALL the video the insurrectionists took that day? Talk about cherry-picking.

  • Overly Dramatic Panda 3 years ago

    Ah yes, the classic tourist behaviour: go to a famous location, take a few pictures and videos, scale the walls, climb over barricades, smear bodily fluids everywhere, hunt the employees down while literally screaming for their deaths… I mean really, who *hasn’t* taken part in such activities on their holidays..?

  • J.E. Jordan 3 years ago

    A bold-faced lie? I wonder if he also likes going out for italic food

  • Peter Matthews 3 years ago

    “The only reason Donald Trump was good for ratings is he was bad for everything else”.

  • Louise Daniels 3 years ago

    Tom Cruise is so disgusting. DT is horrible, but for some reason Ted Cruz is just way grosser.

  • Brett Dyer 3 years ago

    Lol yet here YOU are talking about him. Get a job lol…

  • lanceypants9 3 years ago

    Im so thankful im not a republican

  • Alexandra Daniele 3 years ago

    Ted at CPAC is channeling Kimberly Guilfoyle.

  • Anna 3 years ago

    I wonder what dirty secrets Trump has on all these guys…

  • Billy Titus 3 years ago

    Not a once in history catastrophe. A symptom and natural outcome of the American electoral process with two parties in a symbiotic, toxic relationship for the same donors and lobbyist oligarchy. There is just one elite. This is its materialist history. And it has arrived in the Age of the Failson at the End of History.

  • pop5678eye 3 years ago

    If they didn’t hold onto T****** and his lies what would they do? They would have to… come up with ideas to actually govern and solve problems?


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