Republicans Investigate Insurrection, Bezos Goes to Space: Late Night’s News of the Week

Published on July 23, 2021

All the news and jokes you missed from the week of July 19.

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  • normie x 2 years ago

    The earth is burning and billionaires fly to space in dick-shaped rockets while people back home die because of a strange virus . Reality has become a self writing, second rate sci fi novel only instead of aliens we got Trump and an ice cream boycott.

  • Esau 2 years ago

    “Republicans instigate insurrection,” is what the title should have been.

  • Michael J. Beglin Jr. 2 years ago

    Why doesn’t Bezos go to space, and then stay there? He probably pays more taxes there than he does here anyway.

  • Cynthia Copland 2 years ago

    Jesus, Mary & Joseph.
    Tucker Carlson’s f*%+ing psycho laugh on a loop 🔂, please!
    For the love of God, puleeze
    Play it against him on primetime 😄

  • Tonya Richards 2 years ago

    Die worse : Delta variant.

  • MAGAtards are fake patriots 2 years ago

    Sooo republicans are investigating themselves this should be interesting.

  • saxmidiman 2 years ago

    I love ya Seth, but I have noticed that in the last few vids of yours, I never even cracked a smile. I know my sense of humor is still working, so, can you look inside you (or your writers) and pull more out?🙄😎

  • Jacob Laughbon 2 years ago

    Watching the Space X SH engine test was more exciting than Bezos ego flight.

  • Christopher Tarsitano 2 years ago

    Sure I’ll watch this again.

  • Alison Viscosi 2 years ago

    Seriously though, what is going on with the investigation on Matt Gaiet’s

  • Lost Pony 2 years ago

    For some reason my brain read the plane banner in Rudys voice im gonna land on that bridge

  • Short Bus Scotty 2 years ago

    I want Gilbert Godfreid to yell directions at me.

  • Jes Larcy 2 years ago

    ”THat wasnt space dude!!” BAHAHAHAAA

  • Nena 2 years ago

    Sick burn on Bezos

  • Shannon Jacobs 2 years ago

    “What have you got to lose?”

    “Your sanity, your sacred honor, and the Constitution.”
    That’s the #GQP + #Trumplican answer for Jan. 6th:

    I still wear a mask as proud proof that I am not a contagious idiot.


  • Trisha Tyler 2 years ago

    Is that segue music 2 broke girls or how I met your mother?

  • Phil Groves 2 years ago

    I have more trust that Major (a dog) would handle the nuclear ‘football’ with more respect, professionalism, and diligence than Donald Trump ever could.

  • RedComet 702 2 years ago

    It would also not be a huge deal to win against them because Washington didn’t get elected by the people and technically Lincoln getting elected caused half the country to rebel

  • Thomas Goldfinch 2 years ago

    Hey there Seth! Even though I am REALLY, REALLY SORRY (REALLY SERIOUSLY SORRY) to offer you a correction, that’s not a “case” of Corona on your graphic, but A MERE SIX-PACK! Get it together Seth and staff, because during these days of waxing and waning COVID-19 infections, comedy is deadly serious! SERIOUSLY DEADLY COMEDY, SETH!

  • TENFOUR GAMING 2 years ago

    Seths Biden sounds a lot like Sambergs Nicolas cage lol


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